Eyes right

The enemy is on the right, the opponent on the left.
Friedrich Naumann

- Yg. 1933, No. 8 -

It is tragic that today one has to preach to the proletariat what a bourgeois politician said about 25 years ago, that is, at a time when there was no fascism, and under a system that compared to today is almost "parliamentary" “Could call.

In a certain sense, one can speak of a "dialectical" tragedy. Thesis: The entire situation imperatively requires proletarian unification. Antithesis: This agreement is impossible for the moment.

At least if you mean a cartel, no matter how loose, between the SPD and KPD in Germany. Because the German CP is subject to the instructions of the "Ekki", des in all important decisions - this is not a reproach, but a statement Executive Committee of the III. Internationaland, as things are, she would also require her partner to submit to these decisions. If he does not do it, then the cartel is already easily blown up. So far has Otto Bauer quite right when he demands that first of all the two Internationals from Amsterdam and Moscow must come to an agreement [...]

At parades of the "Iron Front" communists took part in closed sections, and the same thing happened the other way around. At funerals, both formations have marched together at all. Tasteless expressions such as “Kozi” or “Social Fascists” are rarely used and are actually only used by party journalists who do not know or do not want to know the mood of the masses. Otherwise, readers generally disapprove of them.

And so everything would be fine if - if not for the fact that the SPD and KPD have the same electoral reserve - the same electorate must fight. And then there must be a fracture: How these masses of voters, who vacillate between the SPD and the KPD, will decide this time, we do not know. But in the face of the Fascist danger, and in view of the meager role which the coming parliament will play in the first place, it really does not matter which of the proletarian parties will take away half or even a dozen of the other.

The only thing that matters is that the anti-fascist front stands, inside and outside Parliament.

1933, 8 · Dr. E.