In June 1924, the Italian socialist [Giacomo] Matteotti was assassinated by fascists. In March 1926, the killers were partly acquitted, partly condemned so that in a few months they would again walk in the light of (Mussolini's mercy). Mussolini, the rapist of law and humanity ... >> read more

Hölz is the whipping boy of our justice and of our entire bourgeoisie: by making him a monster criminal, the epitome of all that is bad inside them, they get the "good conscience," which they use as a gentle cushion for their sleep Need nights. >> read more

The carnival time is in the suit, In Cologne, in Munich, but also elsewhere begin to beat conscience again. Can you do that? , , ? At a time when. , , ? Balls, Redouten, Flirt and Suff - besides unemployment, suicide and hunger edema? >> read more

... the churches are not on the side of the weary and laden: they are not people's, but princely churches. That's why they did not protest when the old people, the wards and the small savers were expropriated by inflation. >> read more

Have you already seen the calf with the two heads? Or the Negro at the fair eating live rats? Or the spiky lady who shows up at Nuremberg Castle and whose virginity is indestructible because of iron? >> read more