33 houses, partly single, partly double and terraced houses, also a real "tenement" is included. The builders are a number of more or less famous modern architects, Poelzig, the two Taut, Behrens and others ... >> read more

Many have a finely pointed, striking, igniting aforism behind their foreheads. On the way to the tongue becomes a cumbersome and boring essay out of it. He writes it down - and there is a thick tome, flat, shallow, from front to back only watery broth. >> read more

The Werkbundsiedlung on the Weissenhof near Stuttgart is the horror of all those who reject something, because it is different than they are used to. Houses without a roof! Walls without wallpaper! Furniture without ornaments! No, the brave citizen does not eat that. >> read more

Bowling has always been a national German affair. But while it used to be recklessly treated simply as a pleasure for the Saturday night or Sunday afternoon, today it is "physical exercise," publicly recognized "sport," and thank goodness is well organized. >> read more

Mr. v. Hindenburg celebrates its 80 today. Birthday. Since he is something like a German national saint since Tannenberg, it will not go off without a little Hindenburg grumble. Even left-sided leaves and persons will probably not be able to escape him. >> read more

This morning 1 / 2 5 PM, Polish volunteers east of Schlochau have crossed the German-Polish border. The Reich Cabinet met immediately under the chairmanship of Reichswehr Minister Gessler for a meeting and declared war for all of Germany. >> read more

When a few months ago the last volumes of the work "The Great Politics of the European Cabinets 1871-1914" appeared, the fighters against the "guilt lie" have proclaimed great salvation to the German people. There it would be, the innocence of Germany! (They always talk about Germany, if they mean Wilhelm.) >> read more

On the 9. In April 1927, the two Italian workers Sacco and Vanzetti were sentenced to death for the second time in Boston. This case of Sacco-Vanzetti is an example of political jurisprudence and unfair handling of justice, as was the case of Dreyfus in France, Fechenbach and Hölz ​​in Germany. >> read more