The so-called new year

The time of back and forth and side views
is back, to the joy of the pastors,
men from the stock market and politics.
Balance sheets are born in bulk,
more soulful than monetary in nature;
one has won and one has lost -
one balance is only:
the way that did not have, has, nor will have,
mufti-buftinisch will dig,
as he has been digging for so many years:
Zaungast of life, where others dine,
on bare soles where they drive cars,
cheerful laughter, where they whisper mysticism,
with empty pockets where they issue checks,
zerschlißner vagabond, where they shine in a tuxedo,
painted clown, where they swell from titles
and crown her breast with medal.
In this sense, he says to himself: Be cheerful
and wurstle as in the old year!

1925, 2 Mufti Bufti