International fascism

The protection force of the owners

- Yg. 1930, No. 43 -

The electoral victory The German fascists have also bolstered the Austrian dark men around Seipel. Schober disappears, and the spiritual Lord returns to the scene, supported by the Home Guard Starhemberg. Seipel advises his brother in Christ, the “cold” fascist Brüning, to include the Nazis in the government coalition with him at the same time. In Czechoslovakia the Fascist clique around Stribrny wild nationalistic excesses that were sympathetically received by the Prague police president. The Polish military dictator Pilsudski brings to the last blow against the parliamentary mock democracy. The Finnish Lappo Movementled by a big peasant, victoriously invades Helsingfors; a few thousand Communists migrate to Finnish dungeons or are expelled from the country. In Hungary, the bleat terror prevails Horthy, The Romania Carols vies with his neighbors for the crown of white terror. In Spain, only a decorative scene change has taken place. One General has disappeared from the political theater, his place is no less ambitious and fierce matador one. Italy Mussolini Of course, this must not be missing in this wreath. The Italian press applauded Hitler's electoral victory with applause.


The fascist movement in all countries is nothing but the last attempt of the big bourgeoisie to hold on to political power by all means. In doing so, she uses the help of all those who, misjudging economic necessities and laws, put themselves on their side, on the wrong side.

German fascism knows that in Germany it has to reckon with an enlightened workforce, and accordingly it spins its threads. He also reckons with the growing misery of the large salaried masses. And he counts on the growing intellectual and material uprooting of the still independent middle class existences.

From this calculation results his program. He hangs the mantle of a pseudo-socialism, hoping for an influx from the circles of the working class. He calls himself anti-Marxist and hopes for the inflow of the employees, who sometimes behave wildly against their advancing proletarianization, under the auspices of an outdated state consciousness, and promise themselves to rise on the social ladder. Especially the small commercial employees, in their often downright touching political naivety, are all the more exposed to the hollow frenzies of Hitlerian delusion, because they feel against all economic laws not as a class, but as a state that still promises everything of private initiative within today's social order , They stick their eyes together and follow romantic dream dreams that mock all economics.

German Fascism explains to the independent and upper middle class that their decline was due to the ever expanding rule of the large department stores and cartels, which were mostly under the influence of Jewish capital. Moreover, with the breaking of interest bondage, his material situation would also improve. Hitler surrounds the whole thing with black-white-red swastika sashes, with blaring fanfares, with "stormy beings and surge", which he wins the support of high military and former princely potentates who had temporarily hidden in mouse holes in 1918 and now their time has come again hold.

You can see that German fascism apparently takes German economic conditions into account in order to camouflage its true face all the more eagerly. Its real political determination becomes evident only through the more or less public sympathy with which large German industry accompanies and finances it. One only needs to remember names like Kirdorf, Thyssen, Borsig, but also Bechstein and Mutschmann, not to forget Hugenberg, who as an exponent of large German industry gives at least his journalistic and organizational support to fascism in Germany [...]

1930, 43 · Ludwig Kuttner