German conversation

- Yg. 1925, No. 18 -

Hello, can you see you again? How are you? What's up? Do you do business? ... The current situation, you mean. Well, politically, but otherwise ... you understand me. Of course you can hardly get by ... Waiter, the wine list! ... A bloody mess on the street today; the people are how great ... what do you say? Oh, the Reichsbanner! Just ban. It's cheeky how they suddenly show off ... I sent my wife a little to the Riviera, can't stand the cold, damp weather ... How? Hindenburg should have fewer votes than this Marx! Unthinkable! I tell you, quite impossible. Wait a minute! ... Hopefully the communists are not too fat. A little gossip doesn't do any harm; there are always nice opportunities for small tests of strength ... Just look at the blonde over there ... No, at the third table. Kesse's wife, what? … The Niedner didn’t do badly since recently in Leipzig… The guys should all be put up against the wall… Why do you make so much trouble with these criminals? Just ask the limp government in Berlin ... What are they shouting out there again? … The international? That these people have no national feeling at all. There you are plagued for this pack, to make Germany again afloat, and what do you do? ... Sometimes it's all up to that point ... By the way, I made a pretty good profit on the last jute post ... If only these employees wanted to finally spare you their eternal wage demands ... You, wait, what is it, Hindenburg has the majority? Give it to me ... Well, thank God. What did I tell you? Finally a ray of light ... So that I don't forget, you don't want to come to the opera tomorrow evening, I still have a ticket ... How, you don't understand much about it? Me neither, but God you have to show yourself again. Otherwise my wife always goes with the laugh joke. Dashing guy, what? ... Is of course still with the Reichswehr; "Reliable" Republican ... Well, listen Se; Don't you make sense of him? He's reliable, we can rely on him ... Ober, now let's play a national piece ... That with Hindenburg wasn't a bad idea at all. Fabulous military appearance. So what still draws, despite this republic. We can not slide on your stomach forever. We'll show them ... Get up, the flag song! You see, these are moments ... what? The guy over there is still sitting? Out with the scoundrel! Anyway one from abroad. Well, he flew ... Ober, Ober ... You sit there for a quarter of an hour with empty glasses ... But you really don't want to leave? Drink another bottle with ... Oh, you want to go over there to the cabaret! Is there something going on there? ... So, great number? Oh no! Then of course I'll come with you ... Is the Ragetti here? You, is not that where the Odeon used to be? ... that's it? Why did not you just say that earlier? ... is there a good comedian too? You know, someone with political punch. Well, the way he made fun of Ebert at the Trocadero the other day, I can only tell you, I laughed myself wrong ... You know, the bar-munching is over now. It's a shame. Today every Eastern Jew can snatch the best deals from you ... Hindenburg will muck out ... Are you afraid of the American credits? ... Well, the guys are a little bit sheepish at the moment, but only acted briskly, then these New York Jews will get respect ... I'm looking forward to the Ragetti. The blondes have always made me crazy ... And now, where the Hindenburg, you mean? Of course, you can afford a fun evening there ... Here we are. I think they play the german song!  

1925, 18 hm