The bed turtle

In later years Goethe was concerned
with the invention of the bed turtle. , ,

Because man is getting older,
then your legs get colder too.
And as for pt Bettschatz,
so you want the necessary calories
now prefer to relate in peace
and has him disembarked without further ado.

Tjaja. , , And the usual heat chicks,
they have their noses and their bugs.
You have to keep haunting them over and over again;
and sometimes they secretly leak at night
and bring the old men in black suspicion.

So, as I said, Goethe was concerned
with the invention of the bed turtle,
which one early in the afternoon
may hide in the spring housing,
she'll soon be here, soon slithering there
and everywhere comfort is communicated.

Testudo graeca - for the Greek has
the old gentleman a little weakness -,
that would have the right format.
If only you didn't need the most essential items!
For how should a member of the bed warm us
the cold-blooded animals or Poikilothermen?

Unfortunately turtles can not be heated.
One would have to cross them with warm-blooded animals.
Yes - but with which ones? And how is it done?
, , , The poet pondered day and night
and would have discovered it by the hair,
if death hadn't taken him away. . .

Although he makes us today still the heads warm.
He really succeeded in everything else
and penetrated into wider circles.
But with the legs, that God have mercy,
the old troubles remain unchanged. . .

Why did the bed turtle fail him ?!

1928, 3 Owlglaß