The quiet

Inspired by the enjoyment of a concert,
invents Mufti playfully, in jest,
as a counterpart to the lute everyone knows
a pleasant new musical instrument:
the quiet.

Then he goes on the journey without delay.
He makes a guest tour through the Republic
and based on it the glory of toneless music,
in the traditional way
in concert in all better places
and on his gloriously silent silence
demonstrated the advantage of the new art.

He reaps very rich applause;
everybody goes home very satisfied,
and the next morning already
it belongs in the better circles of the city
absolutely the good sound,
that you have not heard the quiet already.
And in all so far leading circles
you order as fast as possible silent.

Mufti, the reformer of music,
makes his luck this way:
Hardly is he back from his tour,
He founds a good silent factory.

1929, 7 Mufti Bufti