- Yg. 1925, No. 37 -

If my uncle used to warn me against the Social Democrats, he used to say that they were stupid people who wanted to share everything and did not think that after ten or twenty years, there would be rich and poor again, because it would be lazy and Hardworking give. Later, a Social Democrat Member of Parliament once told me that this was not true, they did not want to share, they were not that stupid.

Today I have to confess that I do not think it's that stupid, and that the objection of my clever uncle reminds me strongly of the theory that says you do not need to clean your boots because they would get dirty again. If all humanity were to be leveled out of possession someday (you could, God knows, it could be done simply by an inheritance tax!), Then at least there would not be any very wealthy next to very poor people. Not all need to have the same amount, that's nonsense; but too large differences in ownership are also nonsense. Precisely because people are unequal, they should have the same start; and that is only possible if the earthly goods are not so unevenly distributed.

The old Jews, of whom we have taken many things, which is less important, should have had a very reasonable social institution: the Hall or jubilee year, It returned every 50 years; and in him all slaves were freed and all debts fell.

By the way: I would like to introduce also in the party politics such a Halljahr. All parties would have to be dissolved, and all members would not be eligible for re-election for ten years. There would then be new MEPs and they could start new political groups and new parties. 1918 should have been such an appointment. But it's probably a stupid idea, like "sharing". So I'd rather shut up now.

1925, 37