Gumble's Revelation Book

- THE MIRROR 33 / 1981 -

When the Jewish pacifist Emil Julius Gumbel died in exile in America in 1966, the German newspapers were silent. Because Gumbel still had the stigma of being a "traitor"? For some time the Heidelberg publishing house Das Wunderhorn has been commemorating the left-wing moralist and Tucholsky's friend, who taught mathematics in the first German republic, translated the writings of Bertrand Russell, left the SPD twice and, even before the Nazis expelled him in 1933, at the instigation of the anti-Semitic student body, he lost his professorship in Heidelberg in 1932. Under the title “Four Years of Political Murder”, “Das Wunderhorn” has made a revelation research published in 1922 accessible again, which, as Arnold Zweig wrote in “Weltbühne”, “shines into the blood cellar of the German reaction”, the author treason proceedings and registered a "Memorandum of the Reich Minister of Justice" (incorporated in the new edition) in which his accusations had to be confirmed almost entirely. But Gumbel's book doesn't just name the murderers; it also brings the double moral of the German judiciary into the picture: “354 political murders from the right; Total atonement: 90 years, 2 months incarceration, 730 marks fine and 1 life imprisonment ”; on the other hand: “22 murders from the left; Total atonement: 10 executions, 248 years, 9 months incarceration, 3 life sentences in prison. "

Source: THE MIRROR 33 / 1981