Good morning, voters!

Before you vote, ask the party ...

- Yg. 1928, No. 17 -

The film industry uses the election campaign to exempt film from the amusement tax: it shows several hundred thousand voters every day in the cinemas: "Before you vote, ask the party: Are films tax-free?"

That is the only concrete campaign slogan that has been issued so far. Otherwise you hear nothing but phrases: “Never again Bürgerblock! Down with Bazille! None German National more him the government! ”And so on. But nobody gives an answer to the question: “Yes, what then, if the grand coalition rules instead of the bourgeois bloc?” Such nosy questioners can only be put off with the cheap saying: “It will work out.” Of course, it will work out. we've found it a number of times: a few ministerial chairs change owners, but politics - it stays the same.

Why this? Among other things, because only the film industry has issued such a Wahlsprüchlein, but otherwise the parties and candidates, before they are elected, asked for nothing. And you could ask so many questions to those who should represent our will. For example:

1. Before you vote for them, ask the party: “What do you want the new criminal law to look like? Are you going to work to make the death penalty go away? And do you guarantee that you will achieve it? Despite the center? "

2. Before you vote, ask the party, “What are you going to do to resolve the judicial crisis? Will you demand that the judges measure the deed of a communist worker with the same standard as that of a German national worker? Will you require the judges to be dismissed (at least temporarily)? "

3. Before you vote, ask the party: “Are you going to see that the persecution of the pacifists ends? That someone is no longer punished for exposing unlawful acts? "

4. Before you vote for them, ask the party: “Will you vote against the Reichswehr budget if the spending does not get significantly lower? Are you going to try to prevent the nonsensical armored cruiser from being built and the money for the construction of further armored ships being approved? "

5. Before you vote, ask the party: “What proposals do you have for disarmament? Which to prevent German rearmament? "

6. Before you vote for them, ask the party: "What are you going to do so that we can get at least one small step closer to the unified German state this year?"

7. Before you choose them, ask the party: “Are you going to demand that the implementing law finally be passed Dictatorial articles of the Weimar Constitution (Article 48) comes about? Are you going to try to ensure that, even in a state of emergency, the supreme power may not be given into the hands of a military? "

8. Before you vote, ask the party: “How are things ... hm ... with the ... hm, hm ... school law? What will you do when the Center submits its draft again and you are in government, dear party? Why don't you talk about it before the elections? ”(Voice from the background:“ Stupid ass where would we go if we wanted to commit to such details? ”Probably not in the government, I know.)

9. Before you vote, ask the party, “What are you going to do for the settlement? If you help us to govern, will more peasant sons be settled in the next few years than in the last? "

10. Before you vote, ask the party: “Will you see to it that more apartments are built than before? That in four years there will not be a shortage of one million apartments in Germany? "

So, those are a few questions; There are five more times. But who holds them to the candidates who are now looking for the dumb ones all over the country for their blameless party? Who forces them to respond, to respond not only in words, but in action? Who puts on such a questionnaire and brings it back after four years, to see what has changed? Nobody. Nobody. Nobody. In a word, we have no voter control of the party. Citizens will discover their political interest for the few weeks of the election campaign. Then they doze again.

"Sleep away the time, forget the thought, never change your sheep face! Let each ox guide you, and if it hits, don't squeak. ”After four years they are woken up again for a few weeks. But then immediately: “The devil should take politics! You really have more important things to do. ”Without a doubt, one has more important things to do than thinking about the word:“ If we don't do politics, it will be done with us ”, and therefore to do politics and not sleep.

Good morning, voters!

1928, 17 · Hermann List