Church taxes

- Yg. 1925, No. 38 -

A spectacle for gods: the evangelical people complains about their church taxes.

In the past, when this godless separation of church and state was not yet enshrined in the constitution, it cost almost nothing to be a Protestant Christian. The few pennies you paid with a bad joke. Incidentally, the Father needed to raise the state of the Mother Church.

Now the "separation" is there. As a result, the church gets the state only a meager few million. She can not live without it! She has to turn to her dear children, for better or worse. They think that is unheard of; scold in the tavern; send a "posted" to the press; claim they will not pay a penny this time.

Shame on you! Do you want to enjoy the blessings of your church, earthly and even heavenly, in vain? What do you think, what cost the many pastors, who should live according to standards, for money? Please do not forget that it is all academics who have to study hard money. Should gentlemen, possibly reserve officers, study about grasshoppers and wild honey today, or not know where to lay their heads with their wives and children? Do not you know that they have a heavy job, that they have to work as well as daily, not counting the many soul-fights that they fight with themselves?

Just pay, good people. Afterwards it will be easier for you. Because of: not a penny - because you can burn yourself. I know cases where one of your fellow believers was behind on taxes; The bailiff came quickly and fetched what seemed dispensable. In the name - the law.

One thing I want to tell you: Next year, the church tax will perhaps be a little more juicy. Then you can show even more that you are also able to sacrifice something for your dear Church.

You do it voluntarily. If you don't like it, you can leave.

1925, 38 Kazenwadel

Christianity was founded by a Jew and the neo-German anti-Semitism by a court preacher.

1922, 5 Mauthe