- Yg. 1927, No. 15 -

Perhaps the best thing about the miserable "peace treaty" of Versailles is that he robbed us of our colonies. It spares us many expenses: The government has one less item that allows it to lavish the people's money. We no longer need to send the sons of the German peasants and workers to Africa, Asia and the South Seas to die there for "their interests". We are no longer in danger of being involved in indigenous revolts or even national wars because of our proximity to the peoples subjugated by other so-called civilized peoples. For the Teutobolde, however, these are all compelling reasons to strive even more for the recovery of colonies. And our leaders, who solemnly renounce all imperialism ten times a day before the face of the world, have no sacred duty to do, other than to upgrade the Reichswehr and return our former colonies. So we also know what we pay for it!

If colonies could make sense, then, in our unsentimental time, it is by no means to lift our "national prestige," but only to benefit our economy. That they could do that will be hard to prove. If so, the question still arises as to whether, nowadays, when the recognition of the immorality of colonialism is beginning to dawn not only in the brains of many members of "civilized" peoples, but also - what is decisive - the "wild" subjugated It would not be more appropriate to renounce political dominion over non-European territories, a sovereignty whose value is as problematic as its continuance, and instead to do business without arrogance, kindness, prudence and skill. use the two parts.

It is also different. Example: China. We have no more Tsingtau there that we can shout out as a model colony in all four ends of the world; there are no longer any German soldiers swarming around there to demonstrate Prussian discipline to the sloppy yellows; no more polecats shoot at Takuforts; no more "Germans" are proud that a British admiral has commanded them "to the front" so that they can bite the grass for the cause of the white nations, and no Waldersee is playing world marshal anymore and coming too late because the war is over and everything, everything is fine again. In China there are no longer any special rights for Germans, no separate jurisdiction and the like. And yet business is flourishing. Nevertheless? - exactly for that reason!

Versailles has put a damper on our urge for imperialist activity in our own continent. Let us be so wise as not to seek compensation in conquest plans outside Europe. The great conflict between the servile colored races, whose champions are China and Russia, should not find us side by side with the slaveholders, or at least not in league with them, chained to them by equal guilt.

If we had colonies everything would be less easy: it's hard to give up what you have. But we are in the fortunate position of not having any; Let's not be so stupid as to quickly join the company in the era of collapsing colonialism, so that when the Kladderadatsch comes, we will certainly get our bar on the Deez. Let us rather be happy that this time we have no chestnuts in the fire; may the others take their own!

1927, 15 Max Barth