Editorial 1923

Small chronicle to put the editorials in the historical context 

January 2: Conference on the by the Weimar Republic reparation payments to be made

10th January: Lithuanian Freeschärler occupy the French administration Memel.

January 11: In the conflict over the German reparations French and Belgian troops start with the Occupation of the Ruhr area.

February 25: The existence of the Micronation Free State bottleneck is going through french troops completed.

August 11: Germany stops the reparations deliveries.

August 12: Government overthrown Wilhelm cuno

13. August: Gustav stresemann (DVP) becomes the new Chancellor.

August 30: Martial inauguration of the Aviation monument on the Wasserkuppe in der  Rhon from durch Ring der Flieger e. V..

September 26: “Ruhrkampf”: Gustav stresemann explains the end of passive resistance.

September 27: In Germany, due to the separation attempt from Bavaria after the end of the passive resistance the state of emergency declared.

October 21: In Aachen and  Koblenz will the "Rhenish Republic" called out.

October 22: The Duisburg Group of Rhenish Independence League calls the "Rhenish Republic" out.

October 23: The former Bavarian Prime Minister John Hoffman agrees with some Social Democrats to found an independent Palatinate state within the German Reich. The proposal has been rejected by the civil service and the parties. Palatinate social democracy also distances itself from Hoffmann.

October 23: Start of the Hamburg uprising of the KPD in Hamburg and  Schleswig-Holstein

29. October: Reich execution against Saxony because of the government participation of the KPD under Prime Minister Eric Zeigner (SPD)

November 6: Reich execution against Thuringia because of the government participation of the KPD under Prime Minister August Frolich (SPD)

November 8: Hitler Ludendorff PutschAdolf Hitler occupied with Erich LudendorffHermann Goering and others National Socialists  is Bürgerbräukeller in Munich and announced that the "national revolution" had broken out and the imperial government of the Weimar Republic discontinued.

November 9: Hitler and his followers storm the Feldherrenhalle in Munich, The march is stopped bloody, 16 putschists and four police officers fall victim.

November 12: Heinz Orbis proclaims in Speyer the Autonomous Palatinate Republic.

14./15. November culminating in the armed conflict in seven Mountains in connection with the Rhenish Republic.

November 23: General Hans von Seeckt bans the after attempts at insurrection in Germany KPD, the NSDAP and the German People's Freedom Party.

November 27th The government of the Rhenish Republic dissolves in Koblenz.

November 30: William Marx, Member of center party, becomes Chancellor.

Takeover of the Bavarian army in the Reichswehr