Editorial 1929

Small chronicle to put the editorials in the historical context

January 1: The in Munich launched Ethnic observers appears for the first time as Berliner Output.

11. February: The state of the Vatican City (Stato della Citta del Vaticano) is after the Lateran Pacts an independent state.

March 4: Inauguration of Herbert Hoover as the 31st U.S. President. He solves Calvin Coolidge .

7. March: Blood night of Woehrden: In a collision between NSDAP and KPD three people are killed.

1st-3rd May: On the so-called Bloody May In civil unrest and tough police action in Berlin, 33 civilians are killed and numerous demonstrators and bystanders injured.

14. June: concordat zwischen dem Holy See and Prussia

August 1: Prussian law for the municipal reorganization of the Rhenish-Westphalian industrial area. The cities Essen and Dortmund get generous territory growth. From the cities Elberfeld and Barmen the new city district is created Barmen-Elberfeld, 1930 in Wuppertal is renamed. Duisburg and hamborn unite to form the new city district Duisburg-Hamborn, As early as July 29, 1929, the city districts became Oberhausen, easter field and Sterrade the new city of Oberhausen was formed.

August 24: The two-day Hebron massacre costs 67 lives and leads to the eviction of all Jews from the City, They lose everything they can’t carry.

September 24: The Soviet Government decreed by decreethat from October 1st a Week to be introduced for five days. After four working days there is a rest day, Saturday and Sunday are abolished. This should increase productivity and the conventional one revolutionary calendar system be replaced.

October 3: King Alexander I lets the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes in during a state crisis Jugoslawien rename.

24. October: Black Thursday on the New York Stock Exchange, beginning of Great Depression

25. October: Black Friday

December 10: This happens in Germany opium Act (Forerunner of Narcotics Act) in force - since then enjoyment and possession of Cannabis forbidden.

December 22: The one initiated by right-wing groups Referendum against the Young Plan fails.