Editorial 1930

Small chronicle to put the editorials in the historical context

January 14: A communist group attacks the National Socialists Horst Wesselwho wrote the text for that SA battle song "The flag high" wrote. He dies on 23. February from the gunshot wound. The NSDAP uses Wessel's death propagandistic: he becomes the "Martyr of the Movement" stylized.

March 27: That Cabinet Müller II, a big coalition, breaks up because of argument between SPD and DVP about financial contributions to unemployment insurance. (Beginning of the end of the Weimar Republic)

29. March: Heinrich Bruning becomes the Imperial Chancellor appointed.

June 30: The Allied Rhineland occupation ends five years earlier than originally intended. The victorious powers of the First world war Agreements in the area of Young Plan.

July 18: Dissolution of the Reichstag by imperial presidents Paul von Hindenburg

July 22: National Liberation Ceremony at the end of the Allied Rhineland occupation in Koblenz with the participation of Reich President Paul von Hindenburg

September 14: At the Reichstag election 1930 the NSDAP becomes the second strongest party.

October 1: After state elections in Free State of Braunschweig The first coalition in the Reich with NSDAP participation is created there, it forms with the DNVP a government. The NSDAP provides the Minister of the Interior and Popular Education.

Signing the Hague Final Actwith which the reparations Germany are finally regulated