Editorial 1931

Small chronicle to put the editorials in the historical context

1931/1932: The Wirtschaftskrise in Germany reaches its peak. There are 70.000 bankruptcies and 6 million unemployed.

January 1: The NSDAP-Reichsleitung moves into that Brown house in Munich.

24. March: Carl Duisberg calls for one at the "Economy in Need" conference of the Bavarian Association of Industrialists "Closed economic bloc from Bordeaux to Sofia".

May 11: The Austrian credit institution explains theirs insolvency and thus triggers a significant financial crisis. The bank is subsequently saved from final ruin by restructuring measures and with the help of the state.

June 20: Around that in the Great Depression To strengthen lost confidence in the capital markets, the American president suggests Herbert Hoover a one year old moratorium for reparations and Interallied war debts .

July 13: The insolvency of Darmstadt and National Bank causes a banking crisis, which subsequently kills several small banks.

July 13: The by the German banking crisis illiquid Danatbank doesn't open their switches. saver storm the other German banks and savings banks to save their deposits. This also makes other banks illiquid.

July 14: The German banking crisis leads to the arrangement of several more general Bank Holidays in Germany through the Brüning government through several emergency decreesto prevent a rush of unsettled customers from repaying their deposits.

August 5: Payment transactions are fully released again.

September 18: Japan marches in the Manchuria (China) and occupied them until early 1932 (see Manchurian crisis)

October 11: formation of the Harzburg front, National opposition (NSDAP, DNVP, Steel helmet, Federation of the front soldiers) against the iron front (SPDUnions Reich banner black-red-gold)

17-18. October: Adolf Hitler demonstrated with a mass deployment of 100.000 men in Braunschweig.

November 6ber: In the German banking crisis are replaced by a Emergency of Reich President Paul von Hindenburg can Financial Institutions with the legal form Institute of public right designed. Your assets are from - mostly municipal - Guarantors to separate, the institute can only give him limited Municipal loan grant.

December 16: In the Iron front form above all Social Democrats and trade unionist in the time of Weimar Republic im Resistance to national socialism, They want a counterweight to the extreme right Harzburg front create.