Man And Woman

- Yg. 1932, No. 14 -

A major role among the many inferiority and other complexes upon which the Volkish world view is built is concern about the stabilization of male sexual domination.

The Christian German marriage is urgently close to the heart of the National Socialists, for in it the man has the book in his hand in every respect. And as much as the woman is valued as a vocal cattle, so little has she to look for in the National Socialist view of politics, so little will she have to report in the Third Reich.

She is allowed to go to meetings; but also not in all. There are already “promotional evenings” by the Sturm departments, on whose announcements one reads: “Women are not allowed!” At the point where entry is otherwise forbidden to Jews.

If Nazism is in some ways pronounced Roman imitation, then we see in its attitude to the woman full-grown Orientalism spread. The reference of the woman to the kitchen and to the bed, ie her exclusive purpose to household and sexual function; the exclusion of political rights; the cancellation of the man's possession, ie, the enforcement of a strictly monogamous attitude of the woman (in, nota bene, no guarantee of the same behavior of the man); the mental malnutrition that one thinks of the woman; the exclusion from participation in many interests of the man - all this is oriental. This encircling the world of the woman, this soldering by chastity belt for body and mind is Old Testament and general-eastern. [...]

If the folkish were consistent, they would include in their agenda also the reintroduction of the harem. The woman belongs behind bars; Veil in front of his face; Eunuch at the door! Then the man outside can rule the world as he imagines.

Thank God there are still upright thinkers who do not shrink from the ultimate consequence. It is true that one does not yet hear the demand for the strictly closed women's room; but at least a völkisch prophet of polygamy has arisen. His name is von Roithberg, is a doctor and racial researcher, and has published a brochure entitled “The insufficient monogamous marriage” by Hammer-Verlag. It says in it:

“Today our Western European views and Christian concepts of marriage are in direct contradiction with the will of the Creator ... In the time when a woman can only bear one child, a man can produce a great many children. God did this with full intent, so that the capable man who proved himself in life and in work would multiply more than the cripple, unfit and unemployed. He wants the upbringing of our race, and this can only be achieved with double-sex individuals if at least one part of the two sexes only allows the better ones to reproduce. As this part, God chose man and made man polygamous ... God made man polygamous not only physically but psychologically; if he were only physically polygamous and mentally monogamous, this would be a contradiction in terms. But God knows no half measures; everything is well thought out. "

The folk ideology has thus ended up in a strictly legal way in the most oriental: God wants it! And he knows what he's doing; he “knows no half measures”! What a lofty goal begins to shine like Montsalwatsch the dumb fool Parsifal: polygamy as a moral ideal and divine requirement! Monogamy for women, polygamy for men! Judah has been overcome: one is already with Mohamed.

This is the Weltanschauung, according to which Neudeutschland unconsciously longed! Free course for the proficient! Down with the desecrated Marxists, who grant the woman what they allow the man! And high the teaching of Semitic desert tribes: erotic freedom of movement for the German man, but harem and childbirth for German women!

1932, 14 Mara Bu

Wonder of statistics. In No. 38 of the “Weltbühne”, Ozzo Lehmann-Rußbüldt discusses the statistics on the arms trade published by the League of Nations. Along with some others, he discovered the following curiosity: According to the Chinese import statistics, China imported weapons and ammunition for 1925 million dollars in 5,4, 3 million of them from Germany; According to German export statistics, Germany exported weapons to China for $ 400.000 in the same year. - Where the difference has remained, perhaps a couple of ammunition dealers and the Reichswehr Ministry can tell you.

1929, 30