Max Barth

Max Barth (1896-1970)

Max Barth, born on January 22nd, 1896 in Waldkirch / Elztal. After secondary school, attendance at the Karlsruhe teachers' seminar; Participation in the First World War in Belgium, France, Poland and Romania. Three years elementary school teacher; freelance writer and journalist since 1922. First publications in the “Sonntags-Zeitung” at the beginning of 1924. In the same year Erich Schairer brought him to the editorial office, Barth became one of the most productive and versatile employees under numerous pseudonyms. Dismissed in August 1932 due to political differences, Barth founded his own small weekly newspaper ("Die Direction"). Due to the threat of arrest for "high treason" (Barth had called for a general strike in his newspaper to ward off National Socialism). In early March 1933, he fled to Switzerland. This began a 17-year exile that led Barth around the world (France: 1933 and 1935, Spain: 1934, Czechoslovakia: 1935, Norway: 1938, Sweden: 1940 and USA: 1941). 1950 Homecoming: first in Stuttgart, two years later in Waldkirch, where he - disappointed with the political developments and his own "superfluity" - "lived to the end". Death on July 15, 1970.

Pseudonyms: Mufti Bufti, Mara Bu, Karl Fehr, Franz Kury, Jack, Gurnard, Peng

Independent publications:

Kabif [as Mufti Bufti]. Poems. Stuttgart: Publisher of the "Sonntags-Zeitung" 1930.

The Rubaijat of Omar Khaijam. Frankfurt: European publishing house 1963.

The night of the emperor. The Lord of the Empire. Waldkirch: private printing 1964.

A strange dog: Waldkirch: private printing 1964.

The red stone and other stories. Waldkirch: private printing 1966.

Hellgate Chronicle. Waldkirch: private printing no year

Trail in the shore sand. A selection from the factory. Waldkirch: Waldkircher publishing house 1971.

Escape to the world. Exile memories 1933-1950. Edited by Manfred Bosch. Waldkirch: Waldkircher publishing house 1986.

Praise of the dialect. Waldkircher sayings. Texts and poems. Waldkirch: Waldkircher publishing house 1986.

(Biography and bibliography from: Manfred Bosch (ed.), With the jig in the opposition, selection from Erich Schairer's Sunday newspaper 1920-1933, 1989)

Inventory of the MAX BARTH PAPERS, 1916-1962
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