With reservation

“I don't do it like I do every half
the reprehensible human clan.
I do not dance for the golden calf. , . "
- Already my lip bulges in praise.

"Of course hunger hurts,"
do you add. "You also have to live.
And that requires ever and ever
certain small concessions. "

- Oh. , , Yes, of course . , , Spleen is whimsy.
Who deliberately chains himself?
, , , So you're always dancing
to one of the veal chops?

1927, 44 Owlglaß

They all rule in the tailcoat. It does not make much sense to choose blouse men.

1922, 39 Mauthe

If the ideal remains merely "demand," it makes no difference whether one is dreaming of a roast beef or the future state.

1922, 48 momos