Only for gentlemen

- Yg. 1929, No. 34 -

A few weeks ago, a couple of Russian airmen paid a visit to Rome on a European flight and received a festive welcome there: greetings with fascist greeting and handshake, speeches, banquets and everything that goes with it. This "fraternization between Bolsheviks and fascists" was, of course, for the social-democratic newspapers a well-fed. Throughout the world, the Communists are calling for a fight against fascism, but in Bolshevik Bolivian airmen of Mussolini and his followers are celebrating and celebrating - that was so obvious a contradiction that the Social Democrats could not withhold their mockery; and her ridicule was quite justified.

But as soon as the propeller's whirlwind of Bolshevik aircraft over Rome faded, Italian warships appeared in Kiel. The crew was greeted festively by the Kiel authorities: welcome with a handshake, speeches, banquets and what belongs to it. The Oberpresident of Schleswig-Holstein invited the Fascist officers to a banquet in a hotel and spoke in front of his guests of the "friendship of the German people, which, once it recognizes that a hand is presented to it in friendship, seizes this hand and sincerely expresses ". So he who spoke was not a follower of Hugenberg, but a social democrat, pumpkin by name.

While he fraternized with the Fascist officers over wine and roast, the unemployed gathered in front of the hotel and broke into the shouts: Down with fascism! We are hungry! Give us work and bread! But against the unemployed has a Social Democratic senior president an effective means: the rubber truncheon. So the police "cleaned" the place in front of the hotel and showed the dashing Fascists that in Germany they know how to handle this weapon. Are not the communist newspapers right when they write, "SPD celebrates fascist officers," and taunt the social fascists with ridicule and outrage? Yes, they are right.

But only for three days. For no sooner had the smoke of the Italian warships disappeared on the horizon when a Soviet Russian squadron arrived in Pillau and was solemnly received: greetings with handshakes, speeches, banquets and what belongs to them. A German naval officer said in his welcoming address: "I am particularly pleased to express to you, Captain Smirnov, my congratulations on the excellent appearance of the torpedo boats" Lenin "and" Rykov "and the impeccable attitude of their teams. We share the joy of the Soviet Government in the success of the construction work of your fleet. "And in Berlin, where a special reception was held for the Russian Rear Admiral, a German admiral raised high hopes for the Soviet Fleet and the peoples of the Soviet Union Soviet Union "to expand its maritime transport full success".

This "fraternization" of the German and Russian officers, of course, was once again used by the Social-Democratic newspapers to ridicule the Communists, whose Russian allies dine with German officers. And are not you right?

Yes, they are right, of course. Both are right: the Social Democrats and the Communists. Unfortunately, one only hears about their mockery when the other party has committed a violation of the "proletarian feeling".

1929, 34 Jan Hail