When a few months ago the last volumes of the work "The Great Politics of the European Cabinets 1871-1914" appeared, the fighters against the "guilt lie" have proclaimed great salvation to the German people. There it would be, the innocence of Germany! (They always talk about Germany, if they mean Wilhelm.) >> read more

On July 28, 1914, at 11 o'clock in the morning, the great war began with the Austro-Hungarian declaration of war on Serbia ... It could have been stopped, if not by the Social Democrats. Now, better than anyone who has honestly studied the files since then, a master of portrayal has shown us anew: Emil Ludwig in his book “July 14”. Anyone who has read it will hardly be convinced of the German “innocence” anymore. >> read more

At bourgeois Stammtisch I spit but when the name falls; One considers his carrier a scoundrel, a common man, a traitor. His killer enjoys the freedom and the best reputation, probably even has a good conscience ... >> read more

Advertising, as Lassalle has already preached, is primarily to blame for the inferiority of our newspapers. How can a newspaper serve the public interest, which at the same time over the advertisement part is available to every solvent private interest? Even the socialist and communist press believe that without this impure combination, they can not exist. She could, if she dared, restrict herself in space or time and allow herself to be paid by the readers rather than by the shopkeepers. >> read more

The blue-white-red tricolor fluttered on the cathedral. Because just the day before the opening of the Europa Council, the 25. November 1952, the Strasbourg people happened to have something else to celebrate: the day of liberation and the inauguration of a memorial to their liberator, General Leclerc ... >> read more

More and more often the heretical idea that man is not the crown of creation, but a faulty construction, destined to decline like the dinosaurs of the Jurassic period, because he is incapable, let's just say it out: because he is too stupid ... >> read more

As a result of his life's work, Popper Lynkeus published his book "The Nurturing Competency as a Solution to the Social Question" published by Carl Reißner in Dresden in the year 1912. In the lifetime of the author, the work has received little attention in public ... >> read more