When I think of the strong man, I always have his beard in front of me. It is not a beard, powerfully shot in the impetuous urge to become a martial mustache - no, it is a fly that has settled on an upper lip after an uncertain journey. On the upper lip of the expectant dictator. >> read more

It is a pity with the sinking bourgeoisie. Many ladies can no longer afford a maid, have to lend a hand everywhere. The whole life is absorbed in the struggle for the preservation of life; all higher interests are behind the worries about trifles. It is awful! >> read more

The millions of unemployed, yesterday still on the verge of desperation, can go to bed more cheerfully: the government has formed a large committee that is supposed to brood over the problem of unemployment, and women from Berlin society have arranged a wonderfully organized "winter aid". >> read more

In Simplicissimus recently there was the biting anecdote about the privy councilor who, when asked, claims that he is doing badly. "But why bad, Herr Privy Councilor?" Asks the other, and the angry answer is: "For fundamental considerations, my dear." >> read more

The stateless painter Hitler is still tormented by the nimbus that he once acquired so pettily in an excited time. A year ago he felt compelled to make something of a memory, but a book is not a wheel assembly, and you can tell even from the broadest phrases on how bad feet they limp along. >> read more

If the coupon scissors are in the New Testament? If homeland poets live on homelessness? When the impotence rises to the moral judge? If you have sun in your heart and no light in the room? >> read more

For a few days, the “Little Theater” in Heilbronn, as a meaningful change and “harbinger of the coming Christmas”, as the announcement says so beautifully and piously, let the birth, life and suffering of the Savior crank up. It has its own charm ... >> read more

Not only do hairdressers learn their craft from the poor man, but also lawyers. Just listen to the small and smallest "cases" for a few days in our courtrooms (which almost all of them belong to the gradually frightening flood of property crimes), and you will not only be amazed at the arrogant unworldliness of young public prosecutors ... >> read more

We are currently celebrating a bit of festivities again, even though we are "thoroughly impoverished". It is a very lively club life to note. The whole people sometimes seem to have dissolved in clubs. >> read more

When German capitalists come together with French and English to find new ways of earning money, that is in the interest of the "fatherland." - When German pacifists go to France to make threads of understanding using their entire personality, that is national dignity. >> read more