election day

How wonderful it is to see a free people
that rules proudly in its own name -
from eight to five - by marking it black
the chosen ones who are on lists!

Ha, such action fills the inner zones
with the consciousness of highest human value;
in the heart, where the high spirits live,
it steams with pride and simmers and ferments.

From eight to five the people rule themselves,
as if it knew nothing of the pen and herd cattle;
and everyone thinks the others are calves,
and he alone is smart and a genius.

Until then empty the urns at five
and reveals itself as the result of the tag:
that all the old gentlemen return,
followed by young old-school men.

And beaming, they draw before our eyes
and highly exalted in the Parliament;
they have it in writing that they are good for something
and that one acknowledges their wisdom.

But we breathe, happy to know
that others are self-governing
to take care of us very zealously;
may now be worried who suits this -
we dig ourselves satisfied into the pillows.

1928, 22 Mufti Bufti