Editorial 1922

Small chronicle to put the editorials in the historical context 

3. April: Joseph Stalin becomes General Secretary of the CPSU.

16. April: Rapallo Treaty between Germany and Russia. Both countries do not reimburse war costs and damage.

June: Hitler is sentenced to four weeks in prison for his inflammatory speeches.

20. June: Upper Silesia is ceded to Poland by the German Empire.

June 24: The German Foreign Minister Walther rathenau is murdered by the Nazis.

August 1: Declaration of the British Lord President of the Council Arthur Balfourafter which Great Britain only that much reparations from Germany and war debts from his former allies would demand how necessary to service its own war debt to the United States.

11. August: President of the empire Friedrich Ebert determines that Song of the Germans for national anthem of German Empire.

October 4: In the Geneva protocols will that connection ban to Germany once again accepted by Austria. In return, Austria gets to deal with the hyperinflation after this First World War 650 million gold crowns from a loan from League of nations.

28. October: Mussolini March on Romewho also brought him to power on October 31.

December 30: Foundation of Soviet Union