Editorial 1924

Small chronicle to put the editorials in the historical context

January 1: The Greater German community is used as a replacement organization for those banned after the failure of the Hitler coup in Munich NSDAP founded.

January 9: A right-wing extremist squad under command Edgar guys murdered in Speyer the Palatinate separatists Heinz Orbis, The Bishop of Speyer, Louis Sebastian, Heinz Orbis refuses a church funeral.

21th January: USSR, Death of Lenin (Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov)

January 26: The city Petrograd is the second Council Congress of the USSR in Leningrad renamed. You want the deceased revolutionary and founder of the state Lenin honor permanently.

February 12: With the storm on that district Office in Pirmasens the separate episode ends in the Pfalz, 23 people are killed and there are many injuries

February 24: In Magdeburg will that Reich banner black-red-gold founded as an organization of all republican loyalists

March 3: The Turkey decides to abolish the Caliphate.

29. March: concordat zwischen dem Holy See and Bavaria

April 1: The Hitler process ends with a quasi acquittal.

May 4: At the general election in the Weimar Republic win the anti-republican radical parties (Kommunisten and National Socialists) strong profits.

May 11: "German day" in Halle; Collection of right wing radical soldiers and Free Corps fighters to overthrow the republic

Mid-July: The KPD founds the Red Front Fighter League as a counter-organization to the Reich banner. Are leaders Ernst Thalmann and Willy Leow.

December 7: Seven months after the last election, one is found in the German Reich new Reichstag election instead of. Compared to the May election, it ends with a certain stabilization of the political parties and meant a clear defeat for the extreme right and left.

20th December: Hitler will be prematurely Fortress detention center Landsberg am Lech dismiss.