Editorial 1927

Small chronicle to put the editorials in the historical context

January 31: The Allied Military Commission ceases to operate and leaves Germany.

March 19: In Berlin, armed associations of the National Socialists and the Communists lead to serious street battles.

April 18: In preparation for the Chinese reunification is in Nanjing proclaimed the formation of a national government.

May 4: Between the USA and Nicaragua will the Treaty of Espino Negro (Also "Treaty of Tipitapa"), which allows the United States to intervene in Nicaragua at any time and places the police there under U.S. orders.

May 9: The one founded 14 years earlier Canberra becomes the new capital Australiens and solves with it Melbourne .

May 27: Britain breaks diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union and terminates a bilateral trade agreement because Russia has supported the strike by British miners.

June 1: The Hindenburg Dam, which connects the island of Sylt to the mainland, is opened.

15 July: In Vienna is in the course of the so-called July revolt of Palace of Justice nach neinem scandal verdict stormed and set on fire.

August 7: During the Northern Expedition announces the Chinese Communist Party the existing alliance with the Kuomintang.

23. August: Sacco and Vanzetti are executed on the electric chair.

September 11: During the of the Comintern initiated Autumn Harvest Uprising lead Communist troops under the leadership for the first time Mao Zedong's targeted fighting against the National Revolutionary Army the Kuomintang through which the Chinese civil war starts.

September 18: Inauguration of the Tannenberg monument in East Prussia

Abolition of lance as an official combat weapon in the British Army and the Reichswehr