Editorial 1933

Small chronicle to put the editorials in the historical context

4th January: Weimar Republic: Adolf Hitler and Franz von Papen agree on preparations for a government takeover.

30th January: Deutsches Reich: (seizure of power) Adolf Hitler is appointed Chancellor.

31th January: Deutsches Reich: In Moessingen finds the only major strike against the "seizure of power" Adolf Hitler instead.

February 1: German Empire: Reichstag at the request of Hitler from the Reich President Paul von Hindenburg disbanded

February 3: Hitler's first speech to commanders of the Reichswehr (goal of foreign policy: Habitat in the east and its ruthless Germanization) - Liebmann recording

4. February: Ordinance of the President of the Reich to protect the German people; the fundamental rights of Weimar Constitution, in particular freedom of assembly and the press are restricted

20. February: Secret meeting of February 20, 1933 Hitler with industrialists for financial campaign support

27. February: Reichstag fire on the night of February 28th

28. February Reichstag Fire Decree

March 3: The chairman of the KPD, Ernst Thalmann is arrested.

4. March: United States: Inauguration of Franklin D. Roosevelt as the 32nd U.S. President

Austria: "Self-elimination of the parliament", Beginning of Austrofascism

German Empire: The SPD newspaper Forward appears for the last time.

5. March: parliamentary elections, the NSDAP achieved over 43% of the vote.

March 13: Construction of the Reich Ministry of Publication and Propaganda

March 15: Austria: The Nationalrat is prevented by the federal government from using arms.

March 20: That Dachau concentration camp is established.

21. March: Day from Potsdam, State act in the garrison Church

March 23: The German Reichstag passes it enabling act.

27. March: Japan declares its withdrawal from the League of Nations.

March 31: Austria: Die DollfussGovernment prohibits the Republican Protection Association.

German Empire: Im Imperial Law Gazette will the Lex van der Lubbe published a retrospectively applicable criminal law on Reichstag fire.

April 1: Organized by the National Socialists Boycott of Jewish businesses, Law firms and medical practices.