It has become autumn. The year is coming to an end. You start to look back again. A beginning that in any case becomes more attractive when comparing the events with those predicted for this year. >> read more

Do you spit? - Why your great-grandfather? I think he's long dead? - Oh, you are a spiritualist! No, I do not mean that, but the other, with ck. The right spit, you know. Like a llama or a mason, in short, you see ... >> read more

It is precisely the militarists and the violent politicians who are leading the fight against Versailles, and that is because the principles that they recognize themselves have now turned against their own country and not against a foreign one. >> read more

On July 28, 1914, at 11 o'clock in the morning, the great war began with the Austro-Hungarian declaration of war on Serbia ... It could have been stopped, if not by the Social Democrats. Now, better than anyone who has honestly studied the files since then, a master of portrayal has shown us anew: Emil Ludwig in his book “July 14”. Anyone who has read it will hardly be convinced of the German “innocence” anymore. >> read more

The 9. November, when the Republic was born, is an embarrassing memory for our officials and officials, something that smells of Bolshevism. So we prefer to celebrate the birthday of our German Republic 11. August, the day on which Friedrich Ebert signed the Weimar Constitution in the year 1919. >> read more

Can God please a little more than a confirmation cake, which does not have the meaningless circular form, but the sensible form of a Bible? >> read more