The stateless painter Hitler is still tormented by the nimbus that he once acquired so pettily in an excited time. A year ago he felt compelled to make something of a memory, but a book is not a wheel assembly, and you can tell even from the broadest phrases on how bad feet they limp along. >> read more

If the coupon scissors are in the New Testament? If homeland poets live on homelessness? When the impotence rises to the moral judge? If you have sun in your heart and no light in the room? >> read more

Father (takes the newspaper in his hand): “This Saukorps, the Polackes, a cheeky gang, well, they'll be lit up once in a while, oh, Pestalozzi, they've celebrated enough now, I don't know, that is now just a fashion, before you didn't know anything about him and we got through school anyway ... >> read more

So, so: once again a memorandum is being worked out in the Reich Ministry of the Interior. About the "reasons for the decline in the birth rate". Very interesting. Yes, what are the reasons? >> read more

Perhaps the best thing about the miserable "peace treaty" of Versailles is that he robbed us of our colonies. It spares us many expenses: The government has one less item that allows it to lavish the people's money. >> read more

Because, just look at them, there they stand, bareheaded, in the stiff, uncomfortable Sunday dress, their hat in their hands, and shuddering with emotion, because they see Hindenburgs strolling in front of his soldiers. And the little heart knocks on them: our glorious weir! the god who made iron grow! >> read more

Hail in the wreath, Harry Domela, Prince of Hohenzollern! It is true that the police caught you and the examining magistrate took care of you; but your glory overshadows your downfall, and your name is recorded, may you be a windy fellow. >> read more

These convicts are the victims of sacrifices made by the ministers, secret councils and officers to the God "public opinion". They have been abandoned by the backers, betrayed: a lost heap. >> read more

The budget for 1927 I've got is a folio brochure with some 1500 pages. It has twice the cubic capacity of a family Bible and, at 3,2 kilogram, about the weight of a newborn child. >> read more

There are Prussian, Wiirttemberg, Oldenburg, Lippe-Detmold and fourteen other citizens, but no Germans. If a foreigner wants to immigrate to us, he will have to choose one of the 18 countries, for better or for worse. >> read more