The exhibition "Unsuspended Nazi Justice" caused a sensation 60 years ago - at a time when hardly anyone in post-war Germany thought about reappraisal. The German Attorney General Max Güde confirmed the authenticity and authenticity of the documents issued. >> read more

Powerful, robust, tough, bold, always close to the people, pictorial in word and style, he boldly attacks in his “German Chronicle” what stands in the way of his presence: rulers ruling absolutistly, crawling, crouching courtiers, the “crap in the office “, the Catholic clergy. >> read more

Organized by the former Free Corps leader Pabst, who had already ordered the murder of Liebknecht and Luxembourg. The putschists received financial support from parts of industry and banks. The figurehead was Wolfgang Kapp, an East Elbe junker and member of the supervisory board of Deutsche Bank. >> read more

Agitation and disparagement -
When Kurt Eisner became Bavarian Prime Minister on November 7, 1918 and founded the Free State, he became the first Jewish representative to head a German country. He was immediately overwhelmed with anti-Semitic agitation. >> read more

The writer Arnold Zweig has already told 1925 of the books of Emil Julius Gumble (1891-1966) that they "are shining into the blood cellars of the German reaction". How right branch lay with it is to be read in the life way Gumbels, mathematician in Heidelberg, statistician and political publicist. >> read more

In October, 1929 tore the financial crisis on Wall Street, the global economy into the abyss. The Weimar Republic was hit hard by the shock. But only the deflationary policy of the Briining government proved fatal to Germany - and paved the way for Adolf Hitler. >> read more

After 1918, a process of displacement quickly set in. In the depression over the defeat in the west, one completely forgot how euphoric one had celebrated the peace treaty in the east six months earlier, which once again seemed to open up the prospect of an overall victory. And in the general outrage over the “shameful peace” of Versailles, one deliberately overlooked the fact that Germany had imposed conditions on revolutionary Russia against which the Versailles “dictate” looked milder. >> read more

Since German sole guilt for the Second World War cannot be denied, it would be extremely practical to negotiate a second-class acquittal for Germany at least for the First World War, in line with the other four major European powers, "because of an excusable error in prohibition". Unfortunately, the latest research shows that there is no question of that. >> read more

The stenographic reports on the negotiations of the North German Confederation, the Customs Parliament and the Reichstag are available in printed form continuously from 1867 to 1942 in 527 volumes. They represent one of the most important sources of modern German history ... >> read more

[15.02.2016] Emil Julius Gumbel has investigated 1920's politically motivated killings and noted that justice is blind in the right eye. More than 350 right-wing murders faced 20 left-wing extremists. Left-wing perpetrators were sentenced to death, while rights averaged only four months in prison. His book was burned by the Nazis, now it's back. >> read more