It is a pity with the sinking bourgeoisie. Many ladies can no longer afford a maid, have to lend a hand everywhere. The whole life is absorbed in the struggle for the preservation of life; all higher interests are behind the worries about trifles. It is awful! >> read more

For a few days, the “Little Theater” in Heilbronn, as a meaningful change and “harbinger of the coming Christmas”, as the announcement says so beautifully and piously, let the birth, life and suffering of the Savior crank up. It has its own charm ... >> read more

Beat the Jews and the French! This is the gospel of these most limited of all nationalists. And they understand it well, to make mood for it. >> read more

It is quite right that general conscription is an old democratic idea, even though in Wilhelmine Germany it may have been so greatly disfigured by officer privilege and military drift. Go to Switzerland, which owes its existence to you ... >> read more

But why is it that the concept of this anachronistic patriotism is still so effective in our time? >> read more

... a document of historical significance: a memorandum by Matthias Erzberger on "Guidelines for the Reconstruction of German Economic Life", which he completed shortly before his assassination (end of August 1921). >> read more