The election victory of the German fascists made the Austrian dark men around Seipel bolder again. Schober disappears, and the clergyman returns himself to the scene, supported by the Home Guard Prince Starhemberg. Seipel advises his brother in Christ, the “cold” fascist Brüning, to include the Nazis in the government coalition with him at the same time. >> read more

When I think of the strong man, I always have his beard in front of me. It is not a beard, powerfully shot in the impetuous urge to become a martial mustache - no, it is a fly that has settled on an upper lip after an uncertain journey. On the upper lip of the expectant dictator. >> read more

In Simplicissimus recently there was the biting anecdote about the privy councilor who, when asked, claims that he is doing badly. "But why bad, Herr Privy Councilor?" Asks the other, and the angry answer is: "For fundamental considerations, my dear." >> read more

According to the nationalist ideology, the “home” of the people consists of platitudes in which the members of the patriotic associations can romp about. Anyone who does not participate belongs to the uprooted masses and is essentially un-German. >> read more

The ID card came into the house. Number so and so. Polling station here and there. What do you do? Stay home? But they will come then in the afternoon, the tugs, and radiate mellow fury. Actually, really. After all, you're a citizen, are not you? >> read more

"Professor Pötzl in Vienna has managed to put people into artificial hibernation." (Newspaper report)

"Alma," I said to my wife, "how about you knock that new gown out of your mind? We get away a lot cheaper if we let ourselves be plodded. - "And if in the meantime the Third Reich breaks out?" >> read more

The "Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung" recently pointed out the downright suicidal blindness with which the republic ignored the inevitable needs of the German people for fanfare and clinker of orders. >> read more

Not only do hairdressers learn their craft from the poor man, but also lawyers. Just listen to the small and smallest "cases" for a few days in our courtrooms (which almost all of them belong to the gradually frightening flood of property crimes), and you will not only be amazed at the arrogant unworldliness of young public prosecutors ... >> read more

On June 9, an obelisk was unveiled near Kiel, one side of which bears the inscription: “The day will come when law will triumph over power!”, While another read: “In the World War from 1914 to In 1918 there remained 5132 heroes and 199 submarines ”. Heroes - can you say something about that? >> read more

100 Years ago, Erich Schairer - in the year 1919 - as well-staged editor-in-chief of the democratic Heilbronn "Neckarzeitung" because of reasonable suspicion of socialist and other radical tendencies of Mr. Publisher set the chair at the door. >> read more