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  • 1918 - uprising for freedom - The revolution of the workers and soldiers of 1918 was a historic opportunity - to create a democratic Germany that would have been stronger than the Weimar Republic. In a few days they will achieve what social democracy ... >> read more


  • 5 minutes of German - On October 2, 1946, the column “Five Minutes of German” appeared for the first time in the features section of the Stuttgarter Zeitung. I wanted to, if only in the form of a sigh (because the paper was precious), the ... >> read more


  • Abraham Gumbel - He had a close relationship with the editor-in-chief of the left-wing "Sunday newspaper" Erich Schairer (who became editor-in-chief of the "Stuttgarter Zeitung" after the war). In various newspapers and magazines he took a stand against the other ... >> read more
  • Abraham Gumbel died - At the age of 78 in Heilbronn, my uncle Abraham Gumbel, known to the readers of this newspaper as “Emel”, went gently to the country from which there is no return. In the village of Stein am Kocher, where our ... >> read more
  • disarmament - The new era also wants to pound the old god of war Mars. And not wrongly. For as long as he wore a spear and a shield, he was a distinguished, knightly fighter. But since he put a gas mask on ... >> read more
  • shareholders - Somewhere in Hanover one recently came across a very rich oil source. One might have thought an event for all of Germany. General joy. Lectures in schools, film screenings, newspaper articles: "A new natural resource", "Enrichment of national wealth" ... >> read more
  • At the grave of capitalism - Walther Rathenau's unfulfilled profession: “We are standing at the grave of the big capitalist epoch. High capitalism is over, not capital. That will outlive us all for a long time, regardless of whether as state or personal capital. But the… >> read more
  • Amtsstuben-Muff - In Germany, the bureaucracy is scolded with inner satisfaction. And rightly so. Because there is nothing that can make the little trivialities so bilious and disgusting as the office room muff. >> read more
  • object lesson - There is one good thing about the great economic crisis in which we find ourselves: it broadcasts visual instruction on the capitalist system, under whose rule people can starve to death in addition to full chafing. >> read more
  • Answer to a question - You ask me (a little curious, it seems to me) how it looked inside me during the Nazi era. Bad, I can tell you. I was torn between grief, shame and ... >> read more
  • Forgot on the map - In the Valtellina, not far from the Bernina, on the Swiss-Italian border, lies the small Swiss village of Carajone. It consists of 16 houses and has about 100 inhabitants. >> read more
  • Attention, without stilts - There is a considerable number of Germans whose curriculum vitae and life's work are of exemplary importance for the first half of this century. But with a few the fabric of this time, the patterns in it become so distinctive and ... >> read more
  • Call to myself - Obeying a long felt need, I decided to found a new party. To be sure that my demands are properly and emphatically represented in the Reichstag, I have chosen myself as the top candidate of my ... >> read more
  • revaluation - Whoever has been faithful and honest up to the grave, the state took the last penny from them in "great" times. Today he pays his debt of thanks with interest and compound interest. . Your turn will come too, just be patient, my father ... >> read more
  • Eyes right - It is tragic that one has to preach to the proletariat today what a bourgeois politician said about 25 years ago, that is, at a time when there was no fascism, and under a ... >> read more
  • From the life of a mythical creature - There are good reasons to deal with this "mythical animal of our time" (J. Daniel Chamier). First, his peculiar personality forms a fascinating puzzle in itself. Then Wilhelm II ruled over the most powerful and dynamic state in Europe, ... >> read more
  • Exhibition 1987 in Heilbronn - Library director Hans Ulrich Eberle has compiled more than four hundred objects for his most extensive exhibition to date. This mosaic not only shows the contours of a newspaper man. It provides an insight into Württemberg journalism between 1920 and 1960 ... >> read more
  • Authors - Interactive directory of the authors whose contributions can be found on this website. These are not only authors of the Sonntags-Zeitung, but also authors who write articles about Erich Schairer, his Sonntags-Zeitung and ... >> read more
  • Authors of the Sunday newspaper - Alfabetisches Autorenverzeichnis >> read more


  • Need and need - So, so: in the Reich Ministry of the Interior once again a memorandum is worked out. About the "reasons for the birth decline". Very interesting. Yes, what might he have for reasons? >> read more
  • God forbid, it would have been too good - Revolution Review I look back. The press generals seized the great shock a year ago. The OHL suddenly fell silent. Hurray, Hurray! The phrase was in the dirt. Gone are the plans and the thick theses, past the clumsy renown. >> read more
  • When reading the newspaper - The father (takes the newspaper in his hand): "This Saukorps, the Polackes, a cheeky gang, well, they'll be lit up once in a while, oh, Pestalozzi, they've celebrated enough now, I don't know ... >> read more


  • Christian Friedrich Daniel Schubart as a political journalist - The subject of Schairer's doctoral thesis is Schubart's “Deutsche Chronik”, which has entered its author as ten years imprisonment on the Hohenasperg. Schairer examines the reasons why the political ideas and movements in France and ... >> read more
  • Christian solidarism - ... a document of historical significance: a memorandum by Matthias Erzberger on "Guidelines for the Reconstruction of German Economic Life", which he completed shortly before his assassination (end of August 1921). >> read more
  • Christoph Schrempf to the memory - If he had been destined, like GB Shaw, to survive himself, he would be ninety years old today and the newspapers would carry articles about him: not because he was Christoph Schrempf, but ... >> read more
  • Christ in the cinema - The "Little Theater" in Heilbronn has for a few days as a meaningful change and "harbinger of the coming Christmas", as it says in the announcement so beautifully and piously, to crank the birth, life and suffering of the Savior ... >> read more
  • Cotta's archive - Schairer had already learned of the divestment intentions of 1950, and when the 1952 issue became acute, he convinced Eberle that the Stuttgarter Zeitung was to use 200.000 DM to acquire the archive from its surpluses ... >> read more


  • The beard - When I think of the strong man, I always have his mustache in front of me. It's not a beard, shot out mightily in the impetuous urge to become a martial mustache - no, it's a fly that ... >> read more
  • The German press misery - “We have been shamelessly lied to and betrayed by our newspapers.” This was the verdict of very calm and very level-headed men, even in the most conservative circles, when they had the opportunity to see the damage ... >> read more
  • The German crime - [StZ from December 31.12.1946, XNUMX] Professor Friedrich Wilhelm Förster, the well-known pedagogue and pacifist, had an article published in the "Neue Zürcher Zeitung" in which he warns the Allies not to trust Germany and to ... >> read more
  • The thick book - The budget for 1927 I've got is a folio brochure with some 1500 pages. It has twice the cubic capacity of a family Bible and, at 3,2 kilogram, about the weight of a newborn child. >> read more
  • The end - When these lines go to press, the “national revolution” following the election results of March 5th has asserted itself in a similar way to the 1918 revolt after the military defeat. At that time none ... >> read more
  • The end of the silence - The exhibition “Unatunited Nazi Justice” caused a sensation 60 years ago - at a time when hardly anyone in post-war Germany thought about coming to terms with it. The German Attorney General Max Güde confirmed the authenticity and authenticity of the ... >> read more
  • The wrong track - The carnival season is approaching, in Cologne, in Munich, but also elsewhere, consciences are starting to beat again. Are you allowed to. . . ? At a time when. . . ? Balls, redoubts, flirting ... >> read more
  • The golden heart - The millions of unemployed, yesterday still on the verge of desperation, can go to bed happier again: the government has formed a large committee to brood over the problem of unemployment, and ladies of Berlin society ... >> read more
  • The Kommis Germany - We came to peace from war. We inevitably had to exchange the monarchy with the republic. The "Vaterländische Unterricht" continues as propaganda for the "German culture". The perseverance slogan has had to give way to the bodybuilding. >> read more
  • The cake recipe - Take the available amount of social democratic longing for government and mix it well with the German people's party and large-scale industrial ability to exercise power (whereby a dose of centric cleverness serves as a binding agent), pour a few drops of democratic oil ... >> read more
  • The country of the middle - To my shame I must admit that during the war I believed for a long time in the official legend about its outbreak: Germany was invaded by its enemies. I just couldn't imagine ... >> read more
  • The airship - As I write these lines, the airship "Graf Zeppelin" lays back the last part of its world tour. If his luck remains true, it will land safely in Friedrichshafen ... >> read more
  • The mishap - A plan grew in a sheep's brain for how best to live. Then suddenly a worm destroyed it overnight. Right at that point it ate his brain substance cell. And ate with ... >> read more
  • The so-called new year - The time of looking back and looking out and sidelong is here again, to the delight of the pastors, the men from the stock exchange and the politicians. Balance sheets are born en masse, of a more spiritual than monetary nature; one has won ... >> read more
  • The Germans - You listen with reverence to what the poet says: The history of the world is the judgment of the world; only then do you dislike the words when the judgment speaks the story to you. 1923, 31 ER Today there is only one "dark" ... >> read more
  • Monument of shame - As early as 1925, the writer Arnold Zweig said of Emil Julius Gumbel's (1891–1966) books that they would “shine into the blood cellar of the German reaction”. How right Zweig was with this can be seen in Gumbel's life, mathematician in Heidelberg, ... >> read more
  • The mailbox uncle - Removing soda water from handkerchiefs does not always work. Try the following remedy: a gallon of water, half a pound of soft soap, and three kilos of soda are cooked into a thin porridge ... >> read more
  • The Christ balloon - A new attraction, which is a valuable addition to the program in various ways, is planned for this year's theater season in Oberammergau. The technical achievements of our time will make it possible to ... >> read more
  • The one - O war! O victory! Hooray! Hooray! Viktoria! A Cantus is rising. - Only one is silent in the table shouting - it was there. 1924, 52 Author unknown >> read more
  • The eternal subject - The most dangerous aspect of the domestic political situation in Germany is that we have a republic, but no or far too few republican citizens. We have a form but not a content; a barrel, but not ... >> read more
  • The peace of Potsdam - It is precisely the militarists and the violent politicians who lead the fight against Versailles, because the principles that they themselves recognize are this time against their own country and not against a foreign ... >> read more
  • The presentation command - When a war breaks out, Mufti is affected by an official form, which harshly explains to him that one hopes that in order to achieve the planned victory he will report to the X barracks at the same time as many predetermined hero mornings in order to receive ... >> read more
  • The wooden head - ... the manifold wanderings of the divine Dulders Hindenburg. Not of the living, but of the iron, which was set up in the great time on the today's "place of the republic" in Berlin. >> read more
  • International fascism - The election victory of the German fascists also made the Austrian dark men around Seipel bolder again. Schober disappears, and the clergyman returns himself to the scene, supported by the Home Guard Prince Starhemberg. Seipel gives his ... >> read more
  • The Kapp-Lüttwitz Putsch in 1920 - Organized by the former Freikorpsführer Pabst, who had already ordered the assassination of Liebknecht and Luxemburg. The putschists were financially supported by parts of industry and banks. The figurehead was Wolfgang Kapp, an East Elbe Junker and supervisory board member of ... >> read more
  • The long shadow of the revolution - Incitement and denigration - When Kurt Eisner named himself Prime Minister of Bavaria on November 7, 1918 and founded the Free State, he became the first Jewish representative at the head of a German state. Right away… >> read more
  • Man is stupid - More and more often the heretical thought creeps up on me recently that man is not the crown of creation, but a faulty construction, destined to perish like the dinosaurs of the Jurassic period, because he is incapable, shall we say ... >> read more
  • The juggernaut - From the ten-billion-dollar budget of the German Republic for 1929, the military budget claims about 700 million marks ... >> read more
  • The ninth of November - November 9th, the day the republic was born, is an embarrassing memory for our officials and unofficials, something that smells of Bolshevism. So we'd rather celebrate the 11th birthday of our German republic ... >> read more
  • The political journalist - by Reinhard Appel. His basic chord was socialist, but the variations that developed were a liberal composition. It would not be possible to press the Democrat and Republican Erich Schairer into a partisan template ... >> read more
  • The clay colossus - The party has grown fat, has grown sedate over the years and basks in the halo of numbers. But the character of the party has fundamentally changed. One affirms today's state ... >> read more
  • The road to freedom of expression - On September 17, 1945, three Germans received the license for an independent newspaper: Henry Bernhard, Karl Ackermann and the same radio man from Radio Stuttgart - Josef Eberle. >> read more
  • The tame Adolf - The stateless painter Hitler is still struggling with the nimbus that he once acquired so en passant during an excited time. A year ago he felt compelled to do something like memories ... >> read more
  • German spring - But the "German" philistine, torn by revolution, democracy and fate, mourns the grave of a deceased militarism mourning and planting in the laughing spring with loving hands the flowers of his all-German hopes. >> read more
  • German awakening - I've always said so (but does anyone listen to an old man?). And now the time has come: Germany is in a state of awakening. Not to be declared experience! >> read more
  • German conversation - Hello, do we see you again? How are you? What's up? Are you doing business? ... The current situation, you mean. Well, politically, but otherwise ... You understand me. Of course, hardly gets by ... >> read more
  • The "National" - At this point, however great my inclination to do so, I cannot pass the preliminary remark that, according to my entire original disposition, I have an absolutely affirmative relationship to the national. It is me ... >> read more
  • The innocent" - When the last volumes of the work “The Great Politics of the European Cabinets 1871-1914” appeared a few months ago, the fighters against the “guilt lie” proclaimed great salvation to the German people. There it would be, innocence ... >> read more
  • The severance pay - The Hohenzollerns, who are known to be doing very badly, are conducting a legal battle to get an annual pension of 1 1/2 million from the German republic. They believe they have a justified claim that the people who ... >> read more
  • The general need for nutrition - As a result of a life's work, Popper Lynkeus had his book on “The general nutritional obligation as a solution to the social question” published by Carl Reissner in Dresden in 1912. During the author's lifetime ... >> read more
  • The era of murders - ... began with the murder of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht (January 15, 1919). This was followed by the murder of Kurt Eisner (February 21, 1919). Those who were later murdered should be mentioned: in 1919: Leo ... >> read more
  • The bed turtle - In his later years Goethe dealt with the invention of the bed turtle. . . Because when a person gets older, their legs also get colder. And when it comes to the pt bedding, you want the necessary ... >> read more
  • The democratic republic - So, that's really great! The republic is drawing ever wider circles. The idea of ​​the people's state is victorious across the board. There are increasing numbers of republican ordinances without monarchist implementing provisions ... >> read more
  • The German family - In the autumn of 1917 Krause was with a reserve regiment on the western front and was waiting longingly but with some certainty for an early vacation, because he had, albeit with a heavy heart, two hundred marks war loan, the well-known "bulletproof ... >> read more
  • The unification of Europe - The consolidation of Europe in some form has become a necessity today. I believe that one can set up this thesis without finding the contradiction of a thinkable person. >> read more
  • The authorization - The German Reichstag met on March 21st with an unusual solemnity: to bury itself. The story is full of ironies. But a parliament that eliminates itself in this way ... >> read more
  • The rescued uniform - Herr von Hindenburg, who so far has only received and made visits, has become active: he rules. He has committed his first official act: he has repealed the ordinance by which the former officers of Wilhelm have the right to ... >> read more
  • The demigods - Sometimes I would really like to know how it behaves with great gentlemen, whether they have to every now and then, and how the dignity relates to it. What kind of face does ... >> read more
  • The confirmation cake - Can God please a little more than a confirmation cake, which does not have the meaningless circular form, but the sensible form of a Bible? >> read more
  • The quiet - Inspired by enjoying a concert, Mufti invents a pleasant new musical instrument while playing, jokingly, as a counterpart to the lute that everyone knows: the soft one. He then immediately sets off on the journey. He makes a guest tour through the republic and explains ... >> read more
  • The Miekrigen - Not only do hairdressers learn their craft from the poor man, but also lawyers. Listen to the small and smallest "cases" for a few days in our courtrooms (almost all of them ... >> read more
  • The Nazis - Beat the Jews and the French! This is the gospel of these most limited of all nationalists. And they understand it well, to make mood for it. >> read more
  • The new apartment - 33 houses, partly single, partly double and terraced houses, also a real "tenement" is included. The builders are a number of more or less famous modern architects, Poelzig, the two Taut, Behrens and others ... >> read more
  • The government should ... - The more untenable the situation in Germany, the more the cry of fear rings out: the government should. It is always the same. You want your own initiative to be replaced by a decree. When the need is greatest ... >> read more
  • The Reinsburgstraße - StZ from February 15.2.1948, XNUMX. Suppose your insane stepfather (whom you had long thought to be a genius) murdered all but one of the members of a neighboring family and set their house on fire. Would you ... >> read more
  • The shameless - In Simplicissimus there was recently the biting anecdote about the privy councilor who, when asked, claims that he is doing badly. "But why bad, Mr. Privy Councilor?" Asks the other, and the angry answer is: ... >> read more
  • The horror chamber - Have you seen the calf with the two heads? Or the negro at the fair who eats live rats? Or the prickly lady shown at Nuremberg Castle and her virginity ... >> read more
  • The socialization of misery - It's a shame with the declining bourgeoisie. Many women have long been unable to afford a maid and have to lend a hand everywhere. The whole of life is absorbed in the struggle for life support; all higher interests ... >> read more
  • The atonement - CrimePersonAtonementMutinyMatrose ReichpietschDeathMuteuteryAdmiral Scheer17 Mark PensionService in the hostile armyMusketeer GJ Meyerhofer000 years fortressService in the enemy armyForst Karl Melchior von Mecklenburg-Strelitz >> read more
  • The inhumanity of God - In the Tübingen evangelical-theological seminar, the "Stift", the theology students were once asked to answer a semester examination (I think spring 1907): "How far is anthropomorfism justified in the concept of God?" (Anthropomorfism means: ... >> read more
  • Reconciliation - The agreement with France expressly renouncing Alsace-Lorraine, which is now under the presidency of Hindenburg by a German national government, would have been a few years earlier at the top of our foreign policy program. >> read more
  • The question of defense - The great politics of all countries revolves more and more clearly around the center of the defense question. The right-wing parties, who are unconditional supporters of defensibility, have long since recognized this. The left-wing parties either haven't recognized it yet, or they ... >> read more
  • Three social ages - Guy "(plural: Guys), said my grandfather - for he thought feudal and spoke feudalistically -" Guy, he must ". The tone was coarse and good-natured, and was occasionally accompanied by a warm costume parade. >> read more
  • Nonsense - When my uncle tried to warn me about the Social Democrats, he always said they were stupid people who wanted to share everything and didn't think that after ten or twenty years there would still be rich people and ... >> read more
  • Yours sincerely ... - Money, of course. And what for? It is not possible to explain this without a little historical digression: Napoleon I has deprived a number of German princes of their sovereignty. For this she was compensated by the King of Prussia in 1815, ... >> read more
  • Through purgatory - The socialist economy, it is said, will produce for needs, not for the market. It will run according to plan and evenly, not chaotically and jerkily. Not just any individual, neither as an entrepreneur nor as a trader nor ... >> read more


  • A secret plan for World War II - Was the war of aggression and extermination of the Wehrmacht the finale of a military revenge planned and prepared by the Reichswehr leadership since the middle of the 1920? >> read more
  • A guy for a still picture - Powerful, happy to be robust, coarse, bold, always close to the people, pictorial in word and style, he boldly attacks in his "Deutsche Chronik" what stands in the way of his presence: absolutist ruling princes, crawling, crouching courtiers who ... >> read more
  • A martyr - At bourgeois round tables, however, people spit out when the name is mentioned; one takes its bearer for a villain, a mean fellow, a traitor to the country. His murderer enjoys freedom and good standing, probably has ... >> read more
  • A Swabian Karl Kraus - A publisher and journalist like Erich Schairer is hardly conceivable today. His credo was: fight against church, capitalism, for common economy and justice. At the beginning of 1937 the Nazis imposed a professional ban on him, in 1946 he became co-editor ... >> read more
  • A socialist program - Draft of a commitment to the public sector, written by a non-Marxist for a Marxist before the Görlitz Party Congress of the SPD 1921 ... >> read more
  • An invitation - To the Bureau of the Reich President. Oberdadaistisches Zentralamt, Schöneberg (City Park), Steinacherstraße 2, Fernspr. Stephan 1375, Strictly confidential! >> read more
  • An exemplary family - I don't know what people always have to complain about the bad times, that's all exaggerated, you know, they are just not satisfied with anything, for example I know a certain family who ... >> read more
  • Emil Julius Gumbel - Emil Julius Gumbel, born in 1890, came from a Jewish banking family in Munich. During the World War he became a pacifist and was involved in the November Revolution within the USPD. Among other things, he was a teacher at a ... >> read more
  • Erich Schairer - also a Roigel - After the former member of the senior staff, Dr. Erich Schairer, Heilbronn, has already insulted the entire student body several times in a less chosen way and also otherwise damages the interests of society through his public statements, puts ... >> read more
  • Experience in Zschrimbaro - Mufti walks with his dog Caro through the beautiful city park of Zschrimbaro. (This is a place in Zschrimbu-Land, which he just invented himself.) Both of them stroll cheerfully through avenues between trees, flowers and cacti and enjoy what Mufti's spirit ... >> read more
  • renovation - Christmas and New Year are among the dates on which also the press, above all, of course, the provincial press, which is fed by the editorial office of the correspondent's office, occasionally talks in the pulpit. >> read more


  • Fantasies of an ox - A young, only moderately fed ox said: “We should use force against the slaughter. If we run together against the fence, then we will win freedom. The land here belongs to us anyway ... >> read more
  • Fememörder - These convicts are the victims of sacrifices made by the ministers, secret councils and officers to the God "public opinion". They have been abandoned by the backers, betrayed: a lost heap. >> read more
  • Mrs. Momm - - Born 1930, No. 12 - Her husband is the district president in Potsdam, the judiciary is her brother-in-law, her son-in-law is even a ministerial department from a mighty feudal camp. As you can see, Mrs. Momm belongs to the very best circles. >> read more
  • Fritz Edinger - Marc Adolf Friedrich Edinger, who was always called "Fritz" from childhood, was the eldest son of the brain researcher and neurologist Ludwig Edinger and his wife Anna Edinger. His sister Dora (1894–1982) married the pharmacologist Werner Lipschitz-Lindley (1892–1948), his sister Tilly (1897–1967)… >> read more
  • Five minutes of German - On October 2, 1946, the column “Five Minutes of German” appeared for the first time in the features section of the Stuttgarter Zeitung. I wanted to, if only in the form of a sigh (because the paper was precious), the ... >> read more


  • Memorial Journal for Erich Schairer - [1967] It has been more than eleven years since we gave Erich Schairer the last escort at the Stuttgart Forest Cemetery. Our circle of old Blaubeurs seminarians from the years 1903 / 05 has since become smaller ... >> read more
  • commemorations - Remembrance days are milestones on the long road to forgetfulness and thoughtlessness. Today is another one; and there is no doubt that it will be "worthy" and in a certain sense "uplifting". Because the more ... >> read more
  • Failed - The referendum initiated by the Communist Party to prohibit the construction of warships has failed. Only about two million votes were received, half the number that would have been necessary to ... >> read more
  • Stolen? - So I come to the sad result that the republic, wrapped in fog, can disappear tomorrow, and that state authority has been withdrawn from the people. As a miserable lay lawyer, I am interested in the question of whether ... >> read more
  • Do not believe the dizziness - ... red writing on a white background: “Don't believe the hoax!” This poster should be affixed to every poster column, fence and barn door in Germany four weeks before election Sunday and every week on the night of ... >> read more
  • equality - No political slogan has to accept gross misunderstandings and stupid interpretations than the old democratic demand-or assertion-of the equality of all citizens. >> read more
  • impiety - ... an outspoken combat script with the advantages and disadvantages of such. If we read them again today, much seems to us to be outdated. However, that cannot be said of the basic thesis from which it started: "That ... >> read more
  • Grandseigneur with a pointed pen - May 11.5.2012, 2004, by Achim Wörner. Martin Hohnecker has shaped the StZ, to which he remained loyal as an author even after his retirement in XNUMX, for more than four decades like no other editor. He was a language virtuoso, a ... >> read more
  • Gumble's Revelation Book - THE MIRROR 33 / 1981. Under the title "Four Years of Political Murder", "Das Wunderhorn" reopened an 1922 revelatory research, which, as Arnold Zweig wrote in the "Weltbühne", "shines into the blood cellar of the German reaction" ... >> read more
  • Good morning, voters! - The film industry uses the election campaign to rid the film of the excitement tax: it shows in the cinemas every day to a few hundred thousand voters the proverb: "Eh you choose them, ask the party: Are films tax-free?" >> read more


  • half measures - The compromiseer rules the situation today. Wrr have the time of half measures. There is some radicalism in the public, but if you look closely, it is not that bad; it's mostly just a radicalism ... >> read more
  • Hans Gerner - Hans Gerner, b. February 7, 1893 in Griesbach near Passau. The elementary school teacher living in Crailsheim at the time joined the circle around the “Sunday newspaper” in 1922; his first woodcut caricature appeared in number 46 of the same year. After a… >> read more
  • Hans Gerner's woodcuts - >> read more
  • Bull market in brewery stocks - Buy Schultheiß-Patzenhofer! Get in before it's too late! You risk nothing, you will be grateful! >> read more
  • Heilbronn press scandal with consequences - He is considered one of the most courageous journalists of the Weimar Republic, who used his power of speech and wit to target political hypocrisy, nationalism and anti-Semitism: Erich Schairer. Ernst Jäckh recommends him as the successor to Theodor Heuss... >> read more
  • heroism - On June 9, an obelisk was unveiled near Kiel, one side of which bears the inscription: "The day will come when law triumphs over power!", While on another one reads: ... >> read more
  • Hermann List - Hermann List, born on January 21, 1904 in Ostdorf (Oberamt Balingen) as the son of a Protestant pastor. After attending the Protestant theological seminars in Schönthal and Urach, from 1922 to 1926 studying German, history and classical philology ... >> read more
  • Hermann Mauthe - Hermann Mauthe, b. December 4, 1892 in Esslingen. After a commercial apprenticeship, Mauthe turned to writing. In 1922 he became an employee, one year later editor of the “Sonntags-Zeitung”. In 1924 Mauthe returned after just a few months ... >> read more
  • Hindenburg - Mr. v. Hindenburg celebrates its 80th birthday today. Since he has been something of a German national saint since Tannenberg, it will not go away without a little Hindenburg rumble. Leaves and people on the left will also ... >> read more
  • Behind the scenes of the Sunday newspaper - by Max Barth. At the beginning of 1924, Dr. Schairer suggested that I come to see him in Heilbronn ... So from the spring of 1924 to the end of July 1932 I was at the “Sonntags-Zeitung”, temporarily as a member of the editorial team, in the ... >> read more
  • Historical newspaper articles of the FAZ - [4.8.2014/100/100] The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung publishes historical newspaper editions as e-paper on the XNUMXth anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War. The FAZ comments on the collection of its earlier newspaper editions on its website: “The Frankfurter Zeitung XNUMX years ago. After this… >> read more
  • Hitler comes forward - Herr Hitler is preparing to ascend to the throne. He once again preaches patience to his impatient hosts; the pogroms that are due have to be postponed a little more. - In the Hotel Kaiserhof zu Berlin he met the representatives of ... >> read more
  • Hugenberg - The German national deputy Hugenberg is one of the most powerful men not only in the German National People's Party, but in Germany at all. What is his power based on? >> read more


  • In the field - ... in the Budget Committee of the Reichstag you once again came across how expensive our political field service works. Especially because his officials, from Ambassador to Legation Secretary, receive fabulous salaries. >> read more
  • In the dirty line - ... the envy of competition in the struggle between social democrats and communists drives the most beautiful flowers. The expression “bonze” has the effect of being caressed by soft hands, and “hypocrite” is almost a caress, “chatter of the SPD” becomes like a scientific factual statement ... >> read more
  • In opposition - The Sonntags-Zeitung was founded as an opposition newspaper and has been run so far, and it intends to stick to it. In short, it opposes the prevailing tendency in the entire public life of the fatherland, in the press, politics, economy ... >> read more
  • In embarrassment - The election ID came into the house. Number so and so. Polling station here and there. What do you do, stay at home? But then they will come in the afternoon, the tugs, and exude mild praise. Rightly actually. Man ... >> read more



  • Caricature and satire - Humor is when you laugh anyway, says Wilhelm Busch. This most mature form of world-view is based on mild resignation, skepticism, and profound insight into the inadequacy and questionableness of all that is human, that is, superior wisdom. >> read more
  • cone brothers - Bowling has always been a national German affair. But while it used to be treated carelessly as a pleasure for Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon, today it is "physical exercise", publicly recognized "sport" and God be ... >> read more
  • Church and appreciation - ... the churches are not on the side of the labored and burdened: they are not people's churches, but princely churches. That's why they wouldn't have protested when the old people, the wards and the little savers ... >> read more
  • Church taxes - A spectacle for gods: the evangelical people complain about their church taxes. In the past, when this godless separation of state and church was not yet anchored in the constitution, it cost almost nothing, evangelical ... >> read more
  • colonies - Perhaps the best thing about the miserable "peace treaty" of Versailles is that it robbed us of our colonies. It saves us a lot of expenses: the government has one less post, thanks to which it ... >> read more
  • Military service? - The idea of ​​conscientious objection has gained a firm foothold in the German peace movement. This was also proven by the pacifist congress held in Heidelberg in October. >> read more
  • Kuno Fiedler - Fiedler studied theology in Leipzig from 1913 and was initially parish vicar in Planitz in Saxony. In 1918 he was awarded a doctorate in Leipzig with a dissertation on Gustav Theodor Fechner. phil. PhD. On October 23 of the same ... >> read more


  • Start slowly - The camel and the snail once entered a bet who would be first on the river. The snail won; because the camel had taken the service route. >> read more
  • Editorial 1920 - For the first ten years, Erich Schairer wrote weekly editorials for his “Sonntags-Zeitung”, practically without gaps. Only in the years 1931 and 1932 did his colleague Hermann List temporarily become the leading article. >> read more
  • Editorial 1921 - For the first ten years, Erich Schairer wrote weekly editorials for his “Sonntags-Zeitung”, practically without gaps. Only in the years 1931 and 1932 did his colleague Hermann List temporarily become the leading article. >> read more
  • Editorial 1922 - For the first ten years, Erich Schairer wrote weekly editorials for his “Sonntags-Zeitung”, practically without gaps. Only in the years 1931 and 1932 did his colleague Hermann List temporarily become the leading article. >> read more
  • Editorial 1923 - For the first ten years, Erich Schairer wrote weekly editorials for his “Sonntags-Zeitung”, practically without gaps. Only in the years 1931 and 1932 did his colleague Hermann List temporarily become the leading article. >> read more
  • Editorial 1924 - For the first ten years, Erich Schairer wrote weekly editorials for his “Sonntags-Zeitung”, practically without gaps. Only in the years 1931 and 1932 did his colleague Hermann List temporarily become the leading article. >> read more
  • Editorial 1925 - For the first ten years, Erich Schairer wrote weekly editorials for his “Sonntags-Zeitung”, practically without gaps. Only in the years 1931 and 1932 did his colleague Hermann List temporarily become the leading article. >> read more
  • Editorial 1926 - For the first ten years, Erich Schairer wrote weekly editorials for his “Sonntags-Zeitung”, practically without gaps. Only in the years 1931 and 1932 did his colleague Hermann List temporarily become the leading article. >> read more
  • Editorial 1927 - For the first ten years, Erich Schairer wrote weekly editorials for his “Sonntags-Zeitung”, practically without gaps. Only in the years 1931 and 1932 did his colleague Hermann List temporarily become the leading article. >> read more
  • Editorial 1928 - For the first ten years, Erich Schairer wrote weekly editorials for his “Sonntags-Zeitung”, practically without gaps. Only in the years 1931 and 1932 did his colleague Hermann List temporarily become the leading article. >> read more
  • Editorial 1929 - For the first ten years, Erich Schairer wrote weekly editorials for his “Sonntags-Zeitung”, practically without gaps. Only in the years 1931 and 1932 did his colleague Hermann List temporarily become the leading article. >> read more
  • Editorial 1930 - For the first ten years, Erich Schairer wrote weekly editorials for his “Sonntags-Zeitung”, practically without gaps. Only in the years 1931 and 1932 did his colleague Hermann List temporarily become the leading article. >> read more
  • Editorial 1931 - For the first ten years, Erich Schairer wrote weekly editorials for his “Sonntags-Zeitung”, practically without gaps. Only in the years 1931 and 1932 did his colleague Hermann List temporarily become the leading article. >> read more
  • Editorial 1932 - For the first ten years, Erich Schairer wrote weekly editorials for his “Sonntags-Zeitung”, practically without gaps. Only in the years 1931 and 1932 did his colleague Hermann List temporarily become the leading article. >> read more
  • Editorial 1933 - For the first ten years, Erich Schairer wrote weekly editorials for his “Sonntags-Zeitung”, practically without gaps. Only in the years 1931 and 1932 did his colleague Hermann List temporarily become the leading article. >> read more
  • Selected Literature - Some people have a finely pointed, striking, sparkling afforism behind their foreheads. On the way to the tongue it becomes a cumbersome and boring essay. He writes it down - and there is a long tome, flat, shallow, ... >> read more


  • Man And Woman - A major role among the many inferiority and other complexes on which the völkisch worldview is built is concern for the stabilization of the male's sexual domination. Christian German marriage is urgently important to the National Socialists ... >> read more
  • Mathematical romance - On a warm summer night one could hear softly melting chords in one of the circles of a right triangle. Miss Tangens lived in the triangle under the care of her aunt Kontangens, and Don just brought her ... >> read more
  • Max Barth - Max Barth, born on January 22nd, 1896 in Waldkirch / Elztal. After secondary school, attendance at the Karlsruhe teachers' seminar; Participation in the First World War in Belgium, France, Poland and Romania. Three years elementary school teacher; freelance author and journalist since 1922. ... >> read more
  • My program - The poor German people have been dragged into an unfortunate war by the narrow-mindedness and frivolity of a government that was alien and incomprehensible to its experience and suffering. >> read more
  • With cap and racket - When I came to college in the fall of 1906, I joined a color-bearing beating bond and soon became one of her most enthusiastic members. Not blindly enthusiastic: I soon saw some shortcomings ... >> read more
  • With reservation - “I don't do it the way I do the reprehensible people. I don't dance around the golden calf. . . “- My lip is already arching in praise. “Of course hunger hurts,” you add. "Also… >> read more
  • Murderous statistics - [15.02.2016/1920/350] Emil Julius Gumbel investigated politically motivated murders around 20 and found that the judiciary is blind in the right eye. More than XNUMX right-wing extremist murders were compared to around XNUMX left-wing extremists. Left offenders got ... >> read more
  • Courageous publicist in the Weimar period - StZ from 12.9.1995/XNUMX/XNUMX, by Werner Birkenmaier. Originally the teacher's son wanted to be a pastor. Then he did his doctorate on the poet Schubart, turned his back on the church and became a journalist. During the war he was a wine representative and station master, after ... >> read more


  • After 75 years - - Born 1923, No. 11 - 75 years ago today, on March 18, 1848, there was a street fight in Berlin. Workers from the machine works of Borsig, Egells and Rüdiger stood on the barricades; next to them the students ... >> read more
  • Only for gentlemen - Welcome with fascist greetings and handshake, speeches, revelry and what belongs to it. This "fraternization between Bolsheviks and fascists" was, of course, for the social-democratic newspapers a well-fed. >> read more


  • Ode to stupidity - Let me wind wreaths of immortelles and evergreens around your pedestal! The omnipotence of your throne will never fade, and to wrest the scepter from your hand is a hot but futile effort. You don't blink through the bandage like Themis, you ... >> read more
  • officer ball - Emilie, hand me the hurray bag and attach the Christmas tree decorations to my bib! Today the dregs of German man's blood are collecting. And even if the Novemberlinge mock, we shine in the old glossy colors. A German man only feels in piebald ... >> read more


  • Pacifism is necessary - The word pacifism has nowhere a worse sound than in Germany. Clever claims that it came from the one-sidedness of the German pacifists. Oh no; the aversion lies in the German mentality of the Wilhelminian era. >> read more
  • Police or military? - Should this be legal in Prussia in the future that the police, if one of their regulations is really or supposedly not obeyed by a small group of people, suddenly cordon off entire districts, slam into the windows, totally uninvolved ... >> read more
  • Prince William - Hail in the wreath, Harry Domela, Prince of Hohenzollern! The police caught you and the examining magistrate was treating you; but your fame outshines your downfall, and your name is on record if you like a ... >> read more


  • Counting against terror - by Daniel Furth. He struggled with numbers - and risked his life in the process. In 1922 the mathematician Emil Julius Gumbel investigated hundreds of political murders in the young Weimar Republic and relentlessly revealed the arbitrariness of the German ... >> read more
  • Religious break - Goethe, who may well be counted among the "godless", was a bitter hatred of the bells. He called it an "unbearable child"; he speaks in Faust of the "damned ringing", of the "damned Bim-Bam-Bimmel". >> read more
  • representation - The gentlemen in tails and strengthened chests, slick, ironed and self-confident, the chrysanthemum in the buttonhole. The ladies in silk and crepe sateng, made up and powdered and, yikes, so mongdäng - in one word: Crême de la ... >> read more
  • Revolutions in Germany - The website by Michael Zachcial wants to trace the history of revolutions in Germany, via source texts, songs, leaflets, places, biographies. >> read more
  • Rudolf Augstein: Dear Spiegel reader! - Since German sole guilt for the Second World War cannot be denied, it would be extremely practical to negotiate a second-class acquittal for Germany at least for the First World War, in line with the other four European ... >> read more
  • Broadcasting elections - The victory of the swastika in Germany on March 5th is the victory of an incredibly skillful and powerful propaganda. If now, as you can hear, for one of the main directors of the National Socialist election campaign, Mr. Goebbels, a special ... >> read more


  • Sacco and Vanzetti - On April 9, 1927, the two Italian workers Sacco and Vanzetti were sentenced to death for the second time in Boston. This Sacco-Vanzetti case is an example of political jurisprudence and unfair handling of the judiciary, as it ... >> read more
  • shameful - After 1918, a process of displacement quickly set in. In the depression over the defeat in the west, one completely forgot how euphoric one had celebrated the peace treaty in the east half a year earlier, which was still ... >> read more
  • Creative rebel - October 5.10.1987, 1919, by Martin Hohnecker. When he lost the editor-in-chief of the Heilbronn “Neckar-Zeitung” in 1936 because of socialist sentiments, he founded his own newspaper: the pacifist, radical-democratic “Sonntags-Zeitung”, which had been advertising for years. When the National Socialists took him out of the ... >> read more
  • Safety precondition - During the past few months, a number of drivers who were responsible for road accidents have been sentenced to harsh prison terms. And maybe some newspaper readers were surprised or - depending on their attitude - ... >> read more
  • You are there - Because, just look at them, there they stand, barehead, in the stiff, uncomfortable Sunday outfit, hat in hand, and shivering with emotion because they see Hindenburg walking around in front of his soldiers. And the heart is beating ... >> read more
  • It will be like that - This morning at 1: 2 a.m., Polish irregulars crossed the German-Polish border east of Schlochau. The Reich Cabinet immediately met under the chairmanship of Reich Defense Minister Geßler and has the ... >> read more
  • Socialization of the press - As Lassalle has already preached, advertising is primarily to blame for the inferiority of our newspapers. How can a sheet serve the public interest, which at the same time is available to every solvent private interest via the advertisement section ... >> read more
  • Socialism - A worker among the readers of the Sonntags-Zeitung wrote to me a long time ago a letter that concludes with the words: Do you believe in socialism? If so, when are we ready for socialism? >> read more
  • Linguistic warning - Do not say much but much, not fresh fish and fresh milk, but fresh fish and fresh milk. And not now, but from now on, so from the 21. September, not from 21. September… >> read more
  • astrologer - It is autumn. The year is coming to an end. One begins to look back again. A beginning that gains in attraction in any case when one compares the events with those that were previously for this ... >> read more
  • blacking - This is no small matter, as you assume, but a matter that concerns the entire German people, insofar as they do not walk or want to walk barefoot. A matter of the broadest national concern. Incomprehensible,… >> read more
  • Strasbourg, the capital of Europe - The blue-white-red tricolor fluttered on the cathedral. Because just on the day before the opening of the Council of Europe, November 25, 1952, the people of Strasbourg happened to have something else to celebrate: Liberation Day and the ... >> read more
  • Stockings or dynamite - To wage war today you need three things: poison gas, dynamite for the explosive projectiles and oil to run the engines of ships and aircraft. In Germany, these three weapons of war are manufactured in the factories and laboratories of the chemical trust, which ... >> read more
  • Fall into ruin - In October 1929 the Wall Street financial crisis tore the world economy into the abyss. The Weimar Republic was hit hard. But only the deflationary policy of the Brüning government was Germany's undoing - and ... >> read more


  • Theodor Lessing - In Hanover, students deliberately, consciously and systematically behave like rascals by mocking Professor Theodor Lessing, disrupting his lectures, skipping their own classes to hold meetings, not studying their workload, making demonstration excursions, making phrases ... >> read more

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  • About this website - “Newsprint is a transitory substance. It is generally a good thing, because what is in the newspaper is not intended for eternity, but for the moment. [...] But some of it is worth it, on ... >> read more


  • Undeutsch - The Werkbundsiedlung on the Weißenhof near Stuttgart is the horror of all those who reject something because it is different from what they are used to. Houses without a roof! Walls without wallpaper! Furniture without decorations! No that… >> read more
  • Unspoiled blood - The decline of political mores in Germany in recent years has brought about a mass phenomenon that was previously completely unknown here: political murder. In the three years 1919 to 1921, 378 murders by ... >> read more
  • Our fault - "We", to whom these lines apply, is a very substantial part of the educated German middle class. If, on the anniversary of the German Revolution, we asked what happened to the "revolutionary achievements", the answer was ... >> read more
  • Differences - When German capitalists come together with French and English capitalists to figure out new ways to earn a living, it is in the interests of the “fatherland”. - When German pacifists go to France to use their whole personality to establish threads of understanding ... >> read more


  • fatherlands - There are Prussian, Wiirttemberg, Oldenburg, Lippe-Detmold and fourteen other citizens, but no Germans. If a foreigner wants to immigrate to us, he will have to choose one of the 18 countries, for better or for worse. >> read more
  • Patriotism - But why is it that the concept of this anachronistic patriotism is still so effective in our time? >> read more
  • Responsible - On July 28, 1914, at 11 o'clock in the morning, the great war began with the Austro-Hungarian declaration of war on Serbia ... It could have been stopped, if not by the Social Democrats. That has now, better than all the ... >> read more
  • Responsible - When I walk with a burning pipe across the hayloft of my own barn, some embers fall out, the barn burns down - what do you think what happens to me, although maybe not even apart from myself ... >> read more
  • blinded - The ominous forces that have plunged Germany into ruin for ten years continue to rumble on. It seems that the bulk of this people have not learned the slightest thing from the bloody and tragic lessons of their past. ... >> read more
  • Community life - We are currently celebrating a bit of festivities again, even though we are "thoroughly impoverished". It is a very lively club life to note. The whole people sometimes seem to have dissolved in clubs. >> read more
  • Negotiations of the Reichstag - The stenographic reports on the negotiations of the North German Confederation, the Customs Parliament and the Reichstag are continuously available in printed form from 1867 to 1942 in 527 volumes. They represent one of the most important sources for the newer ... >> read more
  • Missed opportunities - These days the Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung has pointed to the almost suicidal blindness with which the republic ignores the unavoidable needs of the German people for fanatics and religious clashes. >> read more
  • national community - According to the nationalist ideology, the "homeland" of the people consists of platitudes in which the members of the patriotic associations are allowed to romp. Anyone who does not participate in this belongs to the uprooted masses and is at heart ... >> read more
  • From starvation - In an address to representatives of the upgrading organizations, Mr. von Hindenburg said: "By and large, I am far from this question ... I have lost my fortune myself. If I don't have my pension ... >> read more
  • From the spit - Do you spit? - Why your great grandfather? I think he's dead long ago? - Oh, you are a spiritualist! No, I don't mean that, but the other, with ck. Proper spitting, you know. As a… >> read more
  • Before the election - A speech to Social Democrats - Party comrades! With the election, the moment has now come again when you have a political decision in your hand, the decision about what should become of social democracy in the future. And now it comes ... >> read more


  • election day - How wonderful it is to see a free people who rule themselves proudly in their own name - from eight to five - by marking in black the elect who are on lists! Ha, such doing fulfilled ... >> read more
  • Why the lawyers have to be for rye oils - Has a statistician written rye prices and crime figures side by side? and see, the two curves match! If the rye price rises, the thefts increase; If the rye price drops, they decrease. >> read more
  • Why I did not stay pastor - "Since I can no longer reconcile it with my personal convictions, after my upcoming resignation from the local administration, the obligation that I carelessly assumed at the time [...] to serve the Protestant Church ... >> read more
  • Neither Berlin nor Weinsberg alone - My boyfriend brought me from Berlin and took me for a walk to Weinsberg. There he showed me the valley from the top and warned me: “Your Berlin is a detour, a dead end, ... >> read more
  • Compulsory military service and compulsory use - It is quite correct that general conscription is an old democratic idea, however much it may have been distorted in Wilhelmine Germany by officers' privilege and soldier dragging. Go to Switzerland once, which ... >> read more
  • Weimar Republic - The Weimar Republic is the period in German history from 1918 to 1933 when there was first parliamentary democracy in Germany. This era began with the proclamation of the republic on November 9, 1918 ... >> read more
  • Advertising without censorship - "Private advertising is the main cause of the entire decline of our press," said almost 100 years ago, on January 4, 1925, the journalist Erich Schairer, who became editor of the "Stuttgarter Zeitung" after the war.... >> read more
  • As before - They pace fronts as before and brag about stars, crosses, braids; the helmet, the conceit's tiara, flashes as before. As you can see, they have not yet forgotten anything. The men stand at attention as they used to and scream “hurray! high!"… >> read more
  • How do you find that? - Fritz Lang, the director of the “Metropolis” film and other equally monumental and kitschy celluloid strips, discovers a young actress, Fräulein Dyers. He contracts her for six years and ensures her an increasing year-on-year ... >> read more
  • How is that? - If the coupon scissors are in the New Testament? If homeland poets live on homelessness? When the impotence rises to the moral judge? If you have sun in your heart and no light in the room? >> read more
  • Like Wilhelm - Does it just seem like that to me, or does the new German Chancellor really have this striking resemblance to Wilhelm II von Hohenzollern? ... Anyone who opposed him, he wanted to crush (e.g. the evil Social Democrats); ... >> read more
  • Will scraper - Will Schaber, born in Heilbronn, was an editorial volunteer at Erich Schairer's “Sonntags-Zeitung”. Later he became editor of the Heilbronn “Neckar-Echo”, the social democratic press service in Berlin, the Saalfeld “Volksblatt” and, after the social democratic split in 1931, the “Sozialistische Arbeiter-Zeitung” ... >> read more
  • hibernation - “Professor Pötzl in Vienna has succeeded in putting people into artificial hibernation.” (Newspaper report) “Alma”, I said to my wife, “how about you knock your new dress out of your mind? We come… >> read more
  • Economy without entrepreneurs - In the summer of 1919 Walther Rathenau wrote a contribution for my series “Deutsche Gemeinwirtschaft” published by Eugen Diederichs in Jena, which he called “Autonomous Economy”. It was his last and most radical economic writing; ... >> read more
  • What it's all about - Hitler's. Here they believe that their private desires are primarily satisfied. What does the addition of Hugenberg, Seldte or even Papen mean in numerical terms compared to the Duce's Brown Army? The attraction of the largest block ... >> read more


  • To the 50. Birthday of Josef Eberle - A young bookstore assistant named Josef Eberle offered a manuscript. I saw at once that he could do something that few writers can do: the so-called small form. From then on, Tyll, as Eberle's alias was called, was ... >> read more
  • Brought to the track - On September 19, 1902, Wilhelm II had a memorial erected on the Grimnitzer Heide that reported that he had "hunted down" the 200th stag here. In 1900, during the tram workers' strike in Berlin, ... >> read more
  • Two letters - Dear friend, you are still a member of the SPD, despite some reservations, true to the slogan of your leaders, a few weeks ago you elected Marshal "Forward", Mr. von Hindenburg, because he was the last, the only ... >> read more
  • Two letters - “It is my heartfelt need to express my special admiration and gratitude to your colleague, Mr NN, for his articles that appear from time to time in your esteemed newspaper and are so valuable to me. These articles are ... >> read more