cone brothers

- Yg. 1927, No. 47 -

Bowling has always been a national German affair. But while it used to be recklessly treated simply as a pleasure for the Saturday night or Sunday afternoon, today it is "physical exercise," publicly recognized "sport," and thank goodness is well organized.

The Stuttgart Bowling Days, beginning on November 6th with the inauguration of the new bowling sports center, impressively demonstrated this to even the skeptic. Strikingly, the Württemberg government was not represented. Otherwise one of the lanes in the bowling house, preferably a wooden lane, could have been named after Mr Bazille. It is too late now. The tracks were consecrated with a performance by the moving choirs “O Guardian Spirit of Everything Beautiful” and “The Heavens Boast”, sung by the male choir of the Stuttgarter Sportfreunde. The most beautiful is named after the beer manufacturer Robert Leicht, the high protector of the bowling alley, in which Leicht'sches Schwabenbräu is best used for moistening after the formation of dust.

Before that, under the sound of the chapel of the grenadier battalion 13, hundreds of bowlers in sports-style walked through the streets of the city, an unforgettable sight. Unfortunately, I have missed it, and I regret that I can not describe it in detail, but I suspect that the shirtsleeves have a certain historical role to play in it. The banners of the Deutscher Keglerbundes, the Süddeutsche Gaus and the associations of Frankfurt, Durlach, Mainz and Heilbronn were carried in carriages, that of the Stuttgarter Verband even in a four-in-hand. It had been revealed the evening before by the board of the Swabian Keglerbund, whereupon many honorable banner nails and flagpoles were presented. Among other things, by the Heilbronn ladies who have brought it in bowling to high mastery, because Mrs. Störzbach-Heilbronn brought it at the held in the Stuttgart Keglersportwoche women's championship (20 balls in full) on 94 wood, Mrs. Drautz on 91, wife Heinrich on 88 and Mrs. Kircher on 87. The Württemberg single champion on Asfaltbahn, Josef Treß from Friedrichshafen, has made with 20 balls into the full 107 wood, the Württemberg single master on sled track (50 balls, clearing) 134 wood.

The Sonntags-Zeitung should not have failed to point out in its last number on these Stuttgart events, which have proved after the apt saying of the Stuttgarter Tagblatt that bowling in Stuttgart is not a minor matter of personal care, although the government Bazille - but I already mentioned that.

I'm an old bowler myself and just got a little out of practice because of the world war. In addition, I have just registered my membership in the “Association of Former House Elderly”. After all, you can't be in all clubs. My wife doesn't allow it either. Otherwise I would definitely make myself available as a cone brother to the sports manager of “Nemm 'en du” or “G'wackelt hot'r”. Good wood!

1927, 47 Kazenwadel