The wooden head

- Yg. 1929, No. 18 -

In one of his latest editions, the Berlin 8-Uhr-Abendblatt tells a story that must deeply touch every patriotically-minded person. It is nothing less than the manifold wanderings of the divine Dulders Hindenburg. Not of the living, but of the iron, which was set up in the great time on the today's "place of the republic" in Berlin. For a fee of the "many times larger than life figure" made of knotty German oak wood, it was possible to drive iron and gold nails into the chest and navel in favor of the wounded and those who were behind the war. The more nagged the better - that's the heroic ideal of our people.

This Hindenburg was in the care of Airmen thankswho was also responsible for the management of the collected funds. And as is so common in our charitable and patriotic endeavors, came the Aerial tank G. mb H. bankrupt with all their assets. One opened a criminal procedure against the managing director, which had to run off from patriotic motives course in the sand. Even the iron Hindenburg got into the bankruptcy estate and came under the hammer. The bankruptcy administration did not want to make any profit with it, it made offers in this branch to some patriotic federations, but unfortunately did not come with them, because they did not even want to pay the dismantling and transport costs. One offered the Hindenburg indiscriminately to the right and to the left - in vain: the Hindenburg economy was over. On the stock exchange for national values, there was a drastic slump.

Eventually, the hero of the company Erich Butzke was dropped off. Mr. Butzke offered him cheaply for the third and last time, this time to East Prussia, whose land had freed the living original from the Russians. But the ungrateful East Prussians had no need.

After all, there was nothing left but to place the nailed-on heroic ideal, quartered and cut into very small pieces, in a shed on the storage yard of the Berlin civil engineering firm Meyer (Meyer of all people!). It was true that attempts were made to preserve the Hindenburg blocks, but it is a natural law that everything outdated, useless, and survived must be reduced to dust. Rust, sponge and mildew smashed the mighty hero's body, and one day the moldy and rotten remains were incinerated without pity and without mourning ceremonies. Not even a government official was present.

Only the wooden head (yes, yes, I already know!) Was preserved. But its dimensions must inspire respect: he has the diameter of about two meters. What should happen to him? As you can hear, a rich American who wants to buy the piece for his rarity cabinet has already made an offer.

Can we take a longer look at how national goods are squandered at ridiculous prices? No, our Hindenburg must be preserved. Therefore I suggest to found a "Association for the Conservation of the Wooden Head". Membership fees can be sent to ...

1929, 18 Tyll