An invitation

- Yg. 1921, No. 1 -

To the Bureau of the Reich President. Oberdadaistisches Zentralamt, Schöneberg (City Park), Steinacherstraße 2, Fernspr. Stephan 1375, Strictly confidential!

The Oberdada is the Messiah! He holds the 31 on Friday. December B, in the evening 9 ½ o'clock, in the Beethoven hall the New Year's speech on the Dada year C of the sky. It will be a fun New Year's Eve and a fun New Year's Eve speech. But those who have ears to hear will hear the seriousness. - Continuation at the Carnival Dada Ball on 20. January C in the Marble Hall.

The Upper Dadaist Central Office asks if the President of the Republic will attend the ball so that a box can be reserved. Participation in the ball is an intertelluric necessity. 

The Upper Dadaist Central Office

1921, 1