Bull market in brewery stocks

- Yg. 1927, No. 11 -

Buy Schultheiß-Patzenhofer! Get in before it's too late! You risk nothing, you will be grateful!

Unknown, you say? So you do not know that the combined breweries of Schultheiß and Patzenhofer in Berlin - twenty years ago they were still fierce competitors - today are the largest brewery in Europe? Three million hectoliters of beer, or - beer gives Mark! - 120 million marks have been implemented in the last fiscal year. Dividend stock, my dear! In the current year, under a national government, the result must be quite different!

The beer tax? No, you are very mistaken about that. You thought you were making it bad, it says there, - but we did it well. It's true that the beer tax was increased by two marks per hectolitre on January 1st. But Schultheiss-Patzenhofer doesn't pay that, what do you mean, our dear German beer drinkers, our brave people who can still rely on them, pay them. And another two marks for the company, because on January 1st, of course, it didn't add two marks, but four marks; so, so to speak, for your part doubled the beer tax. That's how the businessman does it! You have to know your customers! The German people are the best people in the world if you didn't know that already.

Go back, the beer consumption? If he does not, he certainly will not. We have a national government now, not to forget. And when the living index rises, so does the beer consumption. Do not you know this national economic law yet, you ignorant? Yes, the wine consumption goes back, you are right - drinking German wine! - but that's just the beer consumption. Have you ever seen an unemployed drink wine? Beer? So what!

That's right, schnapps, too. But that is why Schultheiß-Patzenhoter has absorbed Kahlbaum and a community of interests with the Ostwerke. And the group Schultheiß-Patzenhofer-Ostwerke not only has breweries, yeast and malt factories, liquor factories and even sparkling wine cellars, but also mills, cement factories, glass, machinery and (hm) chemical factories. So rest assured. A business has to jump out of it. 15 percent dividend is the least I bet.

You are reluctant to earn money from the unemployed and at all from the alcohol consumption of the German people? But listen, you're probably from the moon? You are probably idealist? Socialist, what?

I want to tell you something: you just do not dare, that's all. You do not want to risk anything. Shame yourself. God, if our good people consisted of nothing but such slippers! Oh, one more thing!

1927, 11 Kazenwadel