Why the lawyers have to be for rye oils

- Yg. 1928, No. 9 -

Has a statistician written rye prices and crime figures side by side? and see, the two curves match! If the rye price rises, the thefts increase; If the rye price drops, they decrease.

My nephew has passed his law exam and is now a trainee, I advised him to choose German national this spring (which he will do anyway). For the German Nationals, the party of rye-producing landowners, are the only party that can really be credited for raising the price of rye with tariffs.

The lawyers have, so to speak, a professional interest in high rye prices. Where would they go if nothing was stolen, because the bread costs nothing more?

Do you now understand why our lawyers, no doubt following a subconsciously governing but correct instinct, are mostly German national?

1928, 9 Kazenwadel