Editorial 1926

Small chronicle to put the editorials in the historical context

January 20: The Cabinet Luther I it follows Cabinet Luther II.

February 8: Germany applies for admission to the League of Nations.

February 18: The Turkish Government decides the Polygamy and I baked the harem system abolish and the Swiss Civil Code (ZGB) to take over.

April 20: The American Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon and the French ambassador to Washington, Henri Bérénger, conclude a foundation agreement over France inter-allied war debts from the First World War.

24. April: Berlin contract, Germany closes with the USSR a friendship contract.

April 25: In Tehran Reza Pahlavi to the new Shah Persia crowned.

May 4 to 12: England: Mine owners want to implement and operate wage cuts and extended working hours lockout; the trade union confederation (Trades Union Congress) calls to a nationwide General strike on. This is generally followed and largely paralyzes the country. The government deploys the army.

May 12 to 15: May Coup in Poland by Marshal Józef Piłsudski.

May 18: vote of no confidence against Hans Luther in the Reichstag (more details .). That follows him Cabinet Marx III.9. July

With the aim of reuniting China, the Kuomintang is Northern expedition.

September 8: unanimous recording Germany get on the League of Nations

17. October: Kim Il-sung founds the in North Korean Communist association for smashing imperialism.

October 31: In Bologna the fifteen year old tries Anteo Zamboni is fascist Prime Minister Benito Mussolini at a memorial parade to the March on Rome to shoot. The assassin is attacked by surrounding fascists and lynched, He dies the same day.

December 10: The German Foreign Minister Gustav stresemann receives together with his French counterpart Aristide Briand is Nobel Peace Prize.